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What is an extranet?

An extranet is a space which is protected by the Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence app.

Within an extranet space, Confluence users and external users can work together.

How do I create a new extranet space?

To create a new extranet space, click on the Settings button in the dashboard header.

Then, click on the Create Space button.


Alternatively, navigate to the space directory and then click on the Create Space button in the upper right corner.

In the now open dialogue, select Extranet Space.

Enter the space name, space key (the abbreviation used in the URL → and assign extranet space & user managers.

What are the roles of extranet manager?

Extranet space managers

These users can administer the new extranet space. Creators of an extranet space automatically become extranet space managers.

Extranet space managers have all permissions of a regular space administrator, but can additionally assign users and groups and change their permission roles.

Confluence administrators have these rights by default and do not need this extra role assignment.

Extranet user managers

Extranet user managers are allowed to add users and set defined permission roles.

Extranet user managers can see all other users within a system. They have no access to regular space administration.

Please note

Please note that both Extranet User Managers and Extranet Space Managers can see all users in the system.

What happens when an extranet space is created?

When an extranet space is created, the app will set up a group for each initial permissions role and an extranet group for all users who have access to this particular extranet space.

In addition the app will create an extranet-users group for all users in the system who are assigned to an extranet space.

This page was last edited on 01/26/2024.