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What is a lead paragraph?

The lead paragraph has two main uses.

Firstly, the lead paragraph will be displayed in front of your news article, providing an intro for the news.

The lead paragraph's font is larger than the article's font to highlight the intro.

Secondly, the lead paragraph is used as an excerpt for news macros.

Normally, the news macros will display the content of the article as an excerpt, cutting it off after some amount of words has been reached.

With help of the lead paragraph you can display nice, fitting and customized excerpts for your news.

Add a lead paragraph to your news

Edit any blog post.

At the very top of the edit window, you will find a collapsable menu with extended news configuration.

Click on the Additional information for this blog post button to open this menu.

Navigate to the second tab called additional content.

In the text are called Lead paragraph, enter the excerpt/intro for your news article.

The text you can enter here is limited to 500 characters.

Finally, click on the Save additional information button and then publish your blog post.


Any standard Confluence macros or macros of other third party plugins which display blog posts will ignore and not display the lead paragraph.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.