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Check out our Linchpin Hack for content responsibility macro below. Please note the following Linchpin Hack is currently only available in German 🇩🇪.

Why is content responsibility important?

Confluence and Confluence-based intranets profit from the shared experience. Often, multiple persons work together on content.

But usually, at least one person should still be responsible for the content. This person then can be asked further questions about a topic. The Content responsibility macro allows to nicely display this responsible person on any page. 


Content responsibility macro

Content responsibility macro with additional information

Content responsibility macro

Add the Content responsibility macro into any page or blog post. 

Inside the macro's configuration, choose the responsible user(s). Type in the name(s) and select the correct profile(s) from the dropdown menu.

Under Additional information, you can select a profile field which will be displayed below the user's name.

Finally, you can also select the macro width. Please insert your desired width in pixel (for example: 200px, 300px etc.).

View responsibilities in the profile

Once a user was marked as responsible inside the macro, a list will be added to the user's profile. This list called "Responsibilities" displays all pages and blog posts on which the user is marked as the responsible person.

You can also use the built-in search to find specific pages more quickly.

Enable the responsibilities list

To protect the user's privacy, the list of responsibilities in the profile is deactivated by default. If you want to display this list to all users, you can enable it.

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Responsibilities

Here, activate the Displays a list of all content in the user's profile for which the user is responsible checkbox. Then, click on the Save button. 

Looking for an alternative in the Cloud? 

Besides offering apps like Linchpin Intranet Suite, that is available for Atlassian Data Center, we also have apps for Confluence Cloud in our portfolio.

Like Mantra, the intranet for Confluence Cloud, developed by our joint-venture AppAnvil (known for hits like Aura & Karma).

Test the intranet for Confluence Cloud now for free: 

Discover Mantra

This page was last edited on 06/05/2024.