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Show the "last edited" date on news items

When reading a news item, there's meta data below the title and intro. In a vanilla Confluence this line shows the creator and creation date as well as the last edited date and the user who last edited this post.

For Linchpin Enterprise News we thought it important to have it look more like a real news article and less like a wiki page. That's why we decided to only show the creator and creation date, not the "last edited" info. It still is accessible via the page history though.

For those of you who rather want to have this information displayed, there's a snippet of custom CSS that lets it show up again:

.page-metadata .len-last-modifier-info { display: inline;}

Give your news tiles a differentiated look, depending on space, label or category

Usually, all news tiles in a "Cover Stories" macro look the same: Background colors, fonts, font color etc.

Perhaps you want to have a special look for news from a certain space/category or for news tagged with a certain label: a golden background for news from the CEO's space perhaps? (wink)

In any case, starting with version 2.2 of Linchpin Enterprise News, you can do just that: Set different CSS styles for the elements of a news tile depending on space, category or label.

These stylings have to be added via Custom CSS, there's no GUI for this functionality.



To improve the performance of the news macros, we reduced the data for the macro rendering delivered by the backend. Among others, the CSS classes were removed since they are unused in most cases. This change has became effective with Linchpin Enterprise News 2.16.2 and Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.0.1.

If you use layout customization based on space, label or category, please activate that feature with the following dark feature key:

You can do this by navigating to <ConfluenceServerBaseURL>/admin/darkfeatures.action.

Relevant CSS classes

The CSS classes are the following:

For spaces:


For labels:


For news categories:



How to find out the category ID

Switch to the news category configuration within your Confluence administration. There's a table listing all existing news categories. Right-click the category of which you want to know the ID. Use your Browsers tool for inspecting the code. There's an entry "data-category-id". That's the information you are looking for.

In our example the ID for category "Allgemein" is 5. To set CSS stylings for news from this category, you'll use the class "enb-category-5".

Another way to get all categories along with their IDs is to enter the following code in the browser console:


This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.