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Favorite users

Add a user to my Contacts in the profile

Add users to your favorites to find them quickly

Simply click the star icon on a user's profile page to add them to your favorites. Click the star again to remove them from your list.

Those users can be displayed in a list view with the "My contacts" macro.

My Contacts Macro




Display your favorite users to access them quickly in any page.

The My contacts macro shows your favorite users in a handy list. From there you can gain access to their profile and arrange and organized them according to groups you have created. A group can be created directly in the MyContacts macro. Clicking on the "Edit" icon on the right will open a dialog below the user, which allows you to create groups via a text field or to select existing groups via a multi select dropdown. By selecting "Save" the user is allocated to the respective group. The groups are sorted alphabetically. Users who are not assigned to a group appear under Other contacts at the end of the group list.

You can use the note function in the MyContacts macro to better integrate contacts into your personal context. Notes are created by clicking on the editing symbol, using a free text field in the macro.

You can choose to filter those contacts by their confluence group.

Custom User Search


Find the users you've been looking for!

With the custom user search macro you are able to configure a customized search. You are also able to control the look of the results.

To embed a Custom User Search into a page, select it from the list of available macros. A configuration window will open and offer you several options to customize your search.

In the user search macro of the plug-in, an individual help text can be stored, which is displayed in the search slot of the macro. Instead of the text "Search for Users", the text can be adapted according to the application.



  1. User group(s)
    If you want this Custom User Search to only search for users assigned to certain user groups, type them in here. Let's say you want your users to be able to identify their appropriate administrator. You could then limit the search to a user group "confluence-administrators". Leave this field blank to search in all groups.
  2. Profile fields to search  
    If you leave the second field blank, all existing profile fields will be searched. In many cases this yields to many search results that are not really relevant. In our example you might want to limit the search to two fields: Username and department. This covers two use cases: Users who want to find out more about an admin they know the name of, and users who are searching for the responsible admin of a specific department.
  3. Displayed profile fields
    You'll want your search results to be clearly arranged so users are not overwhelmed by too much information. Select all of the profile fields that are important for your users at this point. Add a "column break" to display field contents side by side.

  4. Profile fields for filtering
    Sometimes a search will result in a long list of entries. In this case you can offer your users additional filters to narrow down their search. Select the profile fields you want to offer for filtering within the search results.


This is what a search result could look like. Users who are searching for a contact can type in their search term and narrow down the resulting list by using the additional filters. If configured in the profile editor, the Instant Messanger and Phone field will be clickable.

(info) Regardless of the profile fields you selected during configuration to be included in the results list, a profile picture, the full name and the email address will always be displayed.



View Profile

View of the Custom User Profile

This is what your profile could look like!

The profile page is extended by the Custom User Profile. It displays all (filled) profile categories and their properties which are retrieved from LDAP or set by the user. It also features a big profile picture, which is a larger version of your avatar and the most important contact information in a prominent contact area above the information area. The field types phone number and instant messenger are clickable for easier collaboration. Additionally valid email addresses will be detected in any input field and become clickable as well.




Edit Profile



Only fields that can be edited by the user will be shown

In the top right corner of your profile page you find an edit link to change your profile data. It will show a form containing all fields you are allowed to edit.

Your Admin can add new fields which you can edit yourself. Some fields, however, are automatically filled by a user directory (e.g., Active Directory or LDAP). These fields cannot be edited by users themselves; ask your administrator for further information.

The language setting that a user makes in his profile is also system-wide. Changes are automatically transferred to the Confluence Standard tab "Settings" and vice versa.

Profile Macro


The default view mode shows all fields that your admin has configured

The user profile macro is a preinstalled Confluence macro which we overwrite to display additional information about a user. It displays all fields that the administrator explicitly marked for display in the vCard.

You can choose between view mode "default" and "custom":

  • default: Uses fields configured by your administrator.
  • custom: Uses custom fields from the macro configuration.

Due to security reasons, you can only configure visible fields since release 1.11.1.



Upload Profile Picture

Edit your Profile Picture

Selecting the profile picture area

After uploading a profile picture you can crop it

Your administrator can choose between different sources for your profile picture. If the option "Upload Profile Picture" is set, you are able to upload your own avatar and profile picture. Just select the image area that will be used as your representation inside your confluence.

Profile Completion Assistant

Complete your profile

The content of user fields extends the information about you and can help others find persons and experts.

If you haven't completed all mandatory fields, and your administrator has enabled the Profile Completion Assistant, a dialogue will pop up.

The message can be skipped, but the overlay will appear on every login or page reload. If all required fields are filled the dialog will disappear and you can edit your settings as described above (Edit Profile)

If your admin has configured custom landing pages and your landing page has changed after saving, you will be redirected to the new landing page.

Org Charts (beta version)

Connect to other users

You can now display a visual representation of your connections to other users (superior / subordinates) in our new tab "Org Chart" in your user profile (if the profile fields are configured accordingly by your administrator).

In order for all subordinates to be correctly displayed, all subordinates have to save their user profile again (will be fixed in an upcoming release).

Customized User List Macro

Display a filtered list of users with their avatar and name and additional information like phone number or position for e.g., a phone book

Configure which users to include in the list and which profile fields to display

Create customized lists of users

The Customized User List Macro enables you to display a list of users filtered by a profile field value. For example this macro can be used to create a simple phone book for your department (see first image) or to list your team members on your team homepage or similar use cases, where you want to display a custom list of users. You are also able to configure which profile fields are shown in the list.

The second image shows the configuration options for the macro:

Search Options

  1. Choose the profile field you want to filter on (e.g., "Location").
  2. Enter the value you want to filter for (e.g., "Wiesbaden").
  3. Add as many profile fields as you want to narrow your search request.

Display Options

  1. Displayed profile fields
    Choose the profile fields you want to be displayed as additional columns in the list (e.g., "Phone" and "Position"). The users avatar and name are always displayed.
  2. Ordered by
    Choose the profile field by which the list will be initially ordered. You can still order the list manually by clicking on the headlines in the table view.

The given example will display a list of all users whose profile field "Country" has the value "Deutschland" and will include their avatar, name, phone number, position, branch, country and e-mail.


You can use a subset of the Confluence search syntax for the profile field value, e.g., "W*" to find all users from Washington and Wiesbaden. Feel free to get in contact with us if you encounter any issues!

Due to security reasons, you can only configure visible fields since release 1.11.1.



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