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Create a meaningful and up to date profile

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By default the user directories configured in Confluence (ADMINISTRATION > USERS & SECURITY > User Directories) are used to fill the user profiles. Alternatively, you can define a separate LDAP resource here (ADMINISTRATION > CUSTOM USER PROFILE > LDAP connection (optional)). The CUP add-on will then use this resource exclusively to fill the user profiles. A common use case would be to manage your users (name, password) and groups (confluence-admins) in a user directory managed by Confluence, but maintain user profile data (position, location etc.) in a different directory.

Choose the LDAP where the CUP will fetch the user field data

Configure a separate LDAP connection

The settings are pretty much the same as configuring a user directory in Confluence.

(warning) Please note: The configured LDAP access is strictly read-only.

Server Settings

SettingDescriptionConfluence NameExample
HostHost name of the server running
Port PortMostly 389
Bind DN or userUser to log in to or cn=user,dc=domain,dc=name.
Password Password 

Search Settings

SettingDescriptionConfluence NameExample
Base DNRoot node in LDAP from which to search for users and groupsBase DNcn=users,dc=example,dc=com
User-AttributeUnique user attribute representing Confluence user name-uid
User Update Search Filter Filter for updating users.
To use the configured date (see section LDAP sync) insert place holder [last_sync_timestamp] 
- (&(objectClass=person)(modifyTimestamp>=[last_sync_timestamp]))


Last LDAP sync date Format: dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss, e.g. 23-05-2015 15:00:00 The next LDAP sync will update profiles of all users whose data was updated after this given date. Leave blank to synchronize all users.23-11-2015 15:00:00
Pattern for last modificationTime pattern to format last modification date in LDAP user update search query. The pattern should match the time pattern used by the connected LDAP server. yyyyMMddHHmmssZ


Clear LDAP Connection


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