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Enhance your profile with a background image

Navigate to your profile.

In the left upper corner of your user profile, you will find a Choose background button . Click on the Choose background  button.

Now, click on the Choose image button. Select the file on your computer and upload it to Confluence. 

Please make sure that the image you choose has at least the following dimensions: 1484x340 pixels. If the uploaded image is larger, it will be scaled automatically.

Reposition your header image via drag & drop.

When you are pleased with the result, click on the Save button.




Enable profile background images

To enable this feature, navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile editor → Special fields.


Scroll down to the Background image section.

Select the Enable button to activate this feature.

Select the Disable button to deactivate this feature.


A grey box will be used as default background for all users who haven't yet chosen their own profile background image.
If you're interested in expanding this default, vote for the feature request on Canny!


Looking for an alternative in the Cloud? 

Besides offering apps like Linchpin Intranet Suite, that is available for Atlassian Data Center, we also have apps for Confluence Cloud in our portfolio.

Like Mantra, the intranet for Confluence Cloud, developed by our joint-venture AppAnvil (known for hits like Aura & Karma).

Test the intranet for Confluence Cloud now for free: 

Discover Mantra

This page was last edited on 06/05/2024.