Jira Automation can easily used in combination with AutoPage. As integration point AutoPage provides an incoming Webhook as Trigger in the rule configuration. Webhooks can be fired in Jira Automation as an action. With this integration you can use the great rule engine of Jira Automation to create content rich pages via AutoPage.

Example Configuration


  • Create a rule in AutoPage and enable Incoming Webhook as trigger option. You can combine this trigger option with all other available options.

  • Click "Generate" to generate a unique Header-Value for exactly this rule. 
Regenerating Header-Values

Be aware the value can only be copied once for security reasons. You are able to reset the value and generate a new one. If you do so you need to update the information in your web requests.

Jira Automation

  • Create a rule in Jira Automation
  • Add "Send Web Request" as action and copy the information provided in the AutoPage Rule

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This page was last edited on 07/18/2023.