Getting started

AutoPage helps you to automate page creation in Confluence with rules you can define in Jira. You just need to define a page template in Confluence with placeholders for Jira issue content and you are ready to get a fully automated Documentation from the work that is done by your teams in Jira in a structured and consistent look and feel. 

Check Setup

AutoPage runs in combination of Atlassian Jira and Atlassian Confluence. Therefore you need to install apps in both products and connect them with our easy to use connection wizard.

Step 1 - Install AutoPage Jira App

Install the main app in your Jira instance

AutoPage for Jira - Marketplace Link

Step 2 - Install AutoPage Confluence Helper App

install the free helper app in your Confluence instance. 

AutoPage Helper App for Confluence - Marketplace Link

Step 3 - Run Connection Configuration Wizard

Access the AutoPage App within Jira and it will check for an existing configuration. When you start for the first time the "Connection configuration wizard" will start and guide you through the process to connect the AutoPage Jira and Confluence apps.

AutoPage for Jira can be accessed by a project admin in the project left side panel or by a Jira admin in the "Manage Apps"-Section.

Create your first configuration

You just need to perform two easy steps to start with your automation.

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