...is a powerful add-on for Jira Server and Jira Cloud, providing easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation of custom reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets. Import your data from Jira Software, JIRA Service Desk, Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr and other popular add-ons. Visualize, and analyze all your data using many chart types.

Why should I use eazyBI?

With eazyBI you can create custom reports, charts, and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Import standard or custom fields from Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and most popular 3rd party add-ons like Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr, Xray, Profields, and others.

Import additional data from external data sources like SQL databases, REST API, Google Sheets, CSV or Exel spreadsheets and include this data in your JIRA reports. eazyBI also supports easy data import popular from web applications like Basecamp, Highrise, Harvest, Zendesk, Git, and Freshbooks. Use the drag-and-drop interface to build interactive and easy-to-use pivot table reports and charts: table, bar, line, area, pie, scatter, timeline, map, Gantt, or gauge charts. Explore different chart options with an instant feedback. Drill into details or across other dimensions right from the chart to identify your top and bottom performers, trends, patterns, opportunities, challenges, and risks.

Use many eazyBI predefined calculated measures or define your own specific calculations using powerful custom calculation formulas based on MDX query language. Publish eazyBI reports as gadgets on Jira dashboards or Confluence pages or embed your reports using <iframe>. Subscribe to receive regular dashboard PDF snapshots in your email with dashboard email subscriptions.


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
10100 USD50 USD
25600 USD300 USD
50900 USD450 USD
1001,400 USD700 USD
2502,000 USD1,000 USD
5003,000 USD1,500 USD
2,0004,000 USD2,000 USD
10,0005,000 USD2,500 USD
10,000+6,000 USD3,000 USD

Benefits of the plugin

  • Save time on creating regular reports – no more exporting Jira data to spreadsheets, no more data normalization and formatting, just to create the same custom reports over and over again.
  • A single point of truth for the whole project team (Many data sources)
  • Ability to create reports beyond Jira reporting capabilities (Dashboard)
  • Unlimited custom reports based on Jira data (Dashboard)
  • Custom reports combining Jira data and external data from SQL, REST API, Excel, CSV, Git etc.
  • Data exploring by drilling into details or across other dimensions from any report.
  • Deep Jira integration, supporting Jira Gadgets and report embedding in Confluence pages
  • Up-to-date reports and charts, with regular data imports
  • Speed to reports – create simple reports in a few clicks. (Drag & Drop)
  • Receive regular report snapshots in email as PDF documents
  • Export reports as Excel, CSV, PNG, or PDF files to use the data and charts in other apps.
  • Speed optimized OLAP databases for real-time analytical processing

Use Cases for the plugin

  • Visualize and analyze Jira projects and issues by standard and custom issue fields
  • Create a set of reports to provide an instant product performance feedback to project managers and teams
  • Create a set of management reports to give an overview of project health and progress
  • Create a set of performance reports to identify top or bottom performers, trends, patterns, opportunities, challenges, and risks
  • Create a set of reports to analyze Jira Service Desk tickets and SLA Complience, identify breaches, average resolution times, and performance
  • Create a set of test management reports to review full testing lifecycle: test performance, failed tests, test statuses, execution times and average transition times


Drill across dimensions

Drill through issues

Set up email subscriptions from dashboard

Various dashboard styles available

Add gadgets for Jira

Examples for gadgets

Create custom settings for gadgets

Define options for reports

Import all kinds of data sources for one single source of truth

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