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Our Goal is to enhance the overall experience for Jira Users by improving visibility, look and feel of Jira Issues with easy to use and configure Custom Fields. We continously improve the app by adding new Field types that help you improve productivity by usability. 


Create a custom field

Create a new custom field with Awesome Custom Fields for Jira

Creating a custom field with ACF for Jira is intuitive. Not as old fashioned as the Jira Administration (which is of course also available).

With our creation wizard there is no hazzle with Jira's Admin configuration. It's easy and intuitive. 

Open the App-Dashboard by navigating on the admin view of Jira and clicking the "Awesome Custom Fields" Button on the left.

Hit "Create new custom field" In the upper right corner to start our Creation Wizard.

  1.  Select the custom field type you want to create. Hit next.
  2. Second step: Give your Custom Field a name and a description. Hit next.
  3. Third step (optional, depending on selected field type in first step): Define preset-values for your newly created custom field. You are able to change or add these later.
  4. Assign the available Screens you want the custom field to be displayed in.

Last Step: Hit Save to create your new custom field. 

Issue view of ACF

Use the custom field in every kind of Jira issue

Beautiful previews of custom fields - easy to edit and to use

Our custom fields behave exactly as you know it from all other Jira fields. With the only exception that we give you a nice interface to configure and display the field value. With this you can take the display of your issues to a new level and improve usability.

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