Fulfill legal requirements, e.g. GDPR, with the Terms of Use Plugin
Users have to access your terms of use to login
Edit your terms of use contextually and optically
Check if a user has accepted or declined your terms of use.


Why you should use Terms of Use

Almost all software installations require you to agree to their terms of use, as do most online portals before you complete registration, and in many other situations. With this Terms of Use add-on, you can include a disclaimer and terms of use in your Confluence collaboration software.

When a user logs into Confluence for the first time, a page is displayed with the terms of use (or other important information). If the user does not accept these conditions, they will be returned to the login screen. When they do accept the conditions, they are logged into the system and can fully use Confluence. Their acceptance is saved.

Accepting the terms of use is a one-time act. Logging in afterwards proceeds normally, without the terms of use being displayed again. However, when an administrator changes these terms, all users must again accept the terms before they log in.

The displayed message and terms of use are easily formatted with HTML - with headings, paragraphs, numbered lists, etc. (Note: script-tags and potentially damaging code is automatically deleted.)


Use Cases

Ground rules

Many companies want to ensure that their employees who work within Confluence, follow certain rules: What behavior and content is desired, and what is to be avoided? Which use cases should Confluence be used for, and which should not?

Workers' council

Acknowledgement of messages from the employee representative group is often required. For example, new users need to know that workflows are customized within Confluence, that there is the potential for performance monitoring, and other similar things.


Do you have an extranet based on Confluence or a public wiki, and work there together with external people? Then terms of use are very much necessary and useful.


Terms of Use

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