The Technical Account Manager (TAM) supports you proactively with strategic solutions for your entire Atlassian Suite. He is not only your direct contact person for feature requests and the like, and to escalate these requests within Atlassian, but he also supports you by explaining best practices from within Atlassian, and coordinates your Atlassian Expert Partner and your internal teams.


The benefits of a Technical Account Manager


  • Your voice within Atlassian
    Your TAM is your point of contact for business and technical hurdles, who raises the importance of feature requests, in order to give them more weight when considering them for future releases. The TAM has deep knowledge of all Atlassian products and can escalate your needs within Atlassian (e.g. by talking directly with the product manager of your software) and to your Atlassian Expert. You will also receive early access to new releases so that you can evaluate them in advance and plan for future upgrades. You will also have access to exclusive events for TAM customers.

  • Risk minimization and best practices
    Your TAM helps you plan for upgrades and provides you with timely critical patches - they help you escalate your support requests and minimize your risk. Your TAM has a cross-industry overview, and can advise you on cross-functional best practices and their implementation (e.g. via add-ons).

  • Planning and analysis
    Your TAM visits you in person once per quarter and conducts a retrospective on strategic planning with you. They also perform an annual health check of your environment and associated metrics (KPIs, TCO / ROI).


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