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An overview of our current hourly rates can be found here:

Hourly and daily rates

General information

//SEIBERT/MEDIA lets you submit specific support requests to us directly. Please refer to this information to get an overview of the services included in our support packages and their pricing. With our support packages, we ensure that you receive support and have your support requests taken care of at a predictable cost. With this flexibility you don't have to make any compromises: You can take advantage of our many years of experience. You will receive prompt solutions to your support requests and guaranteed response times.

  • Discounted hourly rates
  • Guaranteed access during your support hours
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Predictable costs with a flat rate
  • Straightforward support via our Service Desk Portal
Our services
  • Best practices for service delivery

    • Mail handling

    • Automation

    • Helpful walkthroughs

  • Recommended apps
  • Error analysis
    • Submit support requests directly to Atlassian
    • Troubleshooting
    • Workarounds
    • Helpful documentation
    • Log file analysis
  • General configuration enquiries
  • Questions and troubleshooting of common configurations in the default system
Services not included
  • Conceptual design
  • Configuration/implementation
  • Programming
  • Content management
  • Refactoring
  • Database modifications
  • Modifications to critical production systems


Monthly cost5001,0002,000
Discount hourly rate100 per hour90 per hour80 per hour
Number of support hours included51125

When you have purchased one of our support packages you will receive additional support hours at the reduced hourly rate of your purchased package. Our regular rate is 120 per hour.

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Supported apps

In addition to our own Atlassian apps, we will answer questions about the following apps within the context of the support packages: 

Power Scriptscprime
BigPicture / BigGanttSoftwarePlant
Misc Workflow ExtensionsInnovalog
Tempo SuiteTempo for Jira
Create on Transition

Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons

Email This IssueMETA-INF KFT
Script RunnerAdaptavist
Configuration ManagerBotron Software
Dynamic FormsDeviniti
Help (aka. Conditions Validator)Deviniti
Suite Utilitiesbeecom
Workflow EnhancerTNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Automation for JiraCode Barrel Pty Ltd
ChecklistOkapya Software Solutions Inc.
Workflow PowerboxCoreSoft Labs
Git IntegrationBigBrassBand
Extended SchemesDevelocenter
Extension for Service DeskDeviniti
sumUpDecadis AG
Queues for Service DeskDeviniti
Translation for Service DeskDeviniti
JIRA Workflow ToolboxDecadis AG
NameDeveloper GmbH
Comala WorkflowsComalatech
SAML/Kerb Single Sign-On (SSO) ConfluenceKantega
Scroll OfficeK15t Software GmbH
Table Filter and ChartsStiltSoft
Refined ThemeRefinedWiki
ArchivingMidori Global Consulting Kft.
Scroll PDFK15t Software GmbH
Arsenale LockpointArsenale
Scaffolding Forms & TemplatesServiceRocket
Scroll VersionsK15t Software GmbH
Polls for ConfluenceSimplenia
User ProfilesCommunardo Products GmbH
Reporting for ConfluenceServiceRocket
Content Formatting for ConfluenceAdaptavist
Label ManagerKöstebek Teknoloji
ConfiForms - Data Forms & WorkflowsVertuna LLC
Advanced TablesBob Swift Atlassian Add-ons
SU for ConfluenceThe Plugin People
Navitabsbitvoodoo ag
Image SliderSimplenia

Multi Excerpt Plugin

Easy FormsArtemis Software
Copy Page TreeArtemis Software

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