Blueprint for Confluence

Start documenting a process by directly using the Confluence blueprint. Click on the Create button from one of your Confluence pages, then select the StepShot blueprint, and click Create.

StepShot Guides Creator

After you have selected the StepShot blueprint, a new page opens. If you haven't yet installed the StepShot Client, you can do so from here. Once the StepShot Client has been installed, click on Launch Desktop Client to launch the program.

StepShot Client

The StepShot Client is displayed. You can choose to start stepping through a process or to create and insert screenshots manually. As you step through a process, screenshots will be automatically taken on each mouse click.

Capture your process

The StepShot Client is minimized. By default, the active window is captured with each click. You can choose to record your entire screen or define a limited capture area, as shown here. Record a region so you don't have to crop your screenshots later!

Pause or stop the capture

Click on the pause icon to avoid capturing unnecessary steps during the recording process. This will save you time when you process your guide.

If you want to stop capturing the process, simply click on the STOP icon.

Annotate each step

When you stop recording, the StepShot Client is displayed. Now, you can edit and annotate your screenshots, blur or highlight regions, insert arrows, assign numbers for individual steps, and add a title and descriptive text.

Add screenshots

Did you forget a step? No problem! You can add individual screenshots at any time, before publishing your guide.

Customize the formatting

You can customize the page formatting in Confluence to match your corporate design by customizing the template. Click on the gears icon at the top of the StepShot Client to open the settings.

Publish to Confluence

Are you finished? Save your new guide to your desktop.

You can publish it directly from the StepShot Client to the Confluence page by clicking on the orange button in the upper right corner. Select one of the templates, and specify a step numbering style or image sizes if you wish. Click Publish.

Subsequent changes?

Do you need to change something in a published guide? No problems! The StepShot Image Editor lets you to edit the screenshots later.

You can also edit the documentation at any time, for example, when a change in the process requires corresponding changes to the guide.

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