Single-Node Data Center

Access to Atlassian Data Center features without complex infrastructure

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Why should you use Data Center for your Atlassian applications?

Data Center provides you with a future-proof solution for your systems because Atlassian is placing increasing focus on the Data Center as a standard on-premises solution and continuously improving and adding features. However, this enterprise solution by Atlassian, along with its features and benefits, does not necessarily require a complex server infrastructure. Found how it works here.

What is a single-node solution?

Organizations that do not want to implement a highly available infrastructure can profit from new Data Center features by operating the products with the same infrastructure that they use and value for classic server systems. Additional Data Center infrastructure components such as multiple nodes, the load balancer, or a separate file system are no longer necessary.


  • Advanced permissions management
  • Read-only mode
  • Sandboxed processes
  • Rate limiting
  • Advanced auditing


  • Archive projects and issues
  • Custom field optimizer
  • Rate limiting


  • Smart Mirroring
  • Improvement of the instance stability with rate limits to REST API requirements
  • Integrity testing for backups without downtime

Perfect for growing companies!

With our single-node Data Center package, you will benefit from the advantages offered by Atlassian Data Center without having to install a complex infrastructure. This gives you access to advanced enterprise functionality and allows you to keep your Atlassian applications on-premise.

Atlassian Data Center:

Future-proof with Atlassian products

Are your company and organizational processes ready to meet the demands of the future?

With Atlassian Data Center, you can realign your systems to the most modern standards in a scalable and failsafe way.

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What are the benefits of our single-node Data Center?

Enterprise features with a simple setup:

The single-node Data Center solution gives you many of the features and benefits of the enterprise solution, such as read-only mode or rate-limiting, with a simpler set up.

Flexible migration:

You can decide whether to operate the applications in your own computing center or an IaaS cloud. Hosting in the IaaS cloud (AWS) makes it easier if you want to switch to a multi-node data center at a later point.

Full-service package:

As a full-service partner, we take care of your licenses, the migration to the single-node environment, and its operation.

Atlassian Server vs. Data Center

When it makes sense to consider a switch to the Atlassian enterprise solution and which factors could help you decide.

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What our single-node Data Center package offers:

 Comprehensive consultation on features and the benefits of Atlassian Data Center

 Remote training for administrators on the most important Data Center features 

 Our //SEIBERT/MEDIA Operation Package includes...

    • hosting of all Atlassian applications in a German data center
    • automated operating system security updates and system updates
    • security and feature updates for your Atlassian application, in accordance with your requirements
    • daily backups
    • monitoring of all relevant components, including the Atlassian applications
    • Troubleshooting within service hours

 Migration from server to Data Center

 Individual Data Center license package for your applications

Full-Service Atlassian Partner

As a Platinum Solution Partner, we offer a full-service package for your Atlassian applications.
We can advise you when evaluating with licensing model would work best for you and take care of the migration and operation of your Atlassian products.

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