Integrate Confluence with SharePoint, and discover a powerful new way of collaborating.

The SharePoint Connector gives you a convenient way of connecting Confluence-based wikis to Microsoft SharePoint. Now your teams are easily able to embed SharePoint documents, lists and more directly into Confluence pages, and they can just as easily embed Confluence pages, blog posts and lists into SharePoint. It’s one of the best investments you can make in bringing your teams together across systems.

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Bring your teams together with SharePoint Connector for Confluence.

This powerful app has been completely redesigned to help you close the gap between Confluence and SharePoint. Seamlessly integrate the two platforms—and empower your teams to do more together.

Start collaborating in the Cloud

This popular app is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online, as well as Confluence Cloud.

Unlock your SharePoint documents

Instantly share and edit SharePoint documents within embedded lists in Confluence. All changes are automatically synchronized with SharePoint's content repository.

Get the best of Confluence in SharePoint

Easily embed Confluence pages and blog posts in SharePoint. Bidirectional synchronization means that content is always up to date, and comments are instantly shared on both platforms.

Effortlessly embed SharePoint lists

A built-in macro enables users to quickly find and select SharePoint lists—documents, links, calendars, tasks, issues, and discussions—and embed them inside Confluence pages.

Integrate search results

Combine results from Confluence and SharePoint, and save users from having to search in two separate systems. 

Review marketing materials

An event team has all their documents stored in an event folder in SharePoint. Now when one of their colleagues wants to have his presentation reviewed by the team, he simply uses the SharePoint Connector macro to embed it as a preview in the Confluence page. His team can review the presentation directly in the page. If they have any comments or changes, it just takes a click to open the file in SharePoint. All edits are instantly updated in the Confluence preview, so everyone is kept up to date. No more downloading and uploading of files, or problems with version control.

No more switching between systems

If the same event team wants to have an overview of all catering options stored in SharePoint, they can use a macro to embed it as a list within the wiki page. The SharePoint List macro makes it easy find, filter and customize lists for display in Confluence. 

Improved readability and quality of content

Moreover the team can easily embed their event wiki pages into SharePoint, so that executives and other teams can review and comment on them. Comments are instantly added to Confluence, ensuring that everyone is always “on the same page.” 

Make use of the strengths of both products:

  • SharePoint ́s document management capabilities
  • Confluence ́s wiki management capabilities

Simplify teamwork

  • Share & collaborate on content on both systems

Available for all Confluence hosting options, as well as SharePoint 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Online

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