We no longer support and distribute Foswiki. If you're evaluating professional corporate wiki solutions, we encourage you to search for Atlassian Confluence. Here you will find detailed information.

The Challenge

The change from TWiki or Foswiki to Confluence can be fraught with the usual set of conversion problems. The Universal Wiki Converter, or UWC, despite its name, often correctly converts only a portion of the wiki pages. This leaves most pages requiring reworking after the migration. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Foswiki and TWiki-specific macros are not successfully interpreted and converted (i.e. Comment plugin, Table plugin, etc)
  • HTML code that was embedded in wiki pages may no longer work after the migration
  • etc.

The Solution: A converter created specifically by //SEIBERT/MEDIA for TWiki and Foswiki

We have reworked and adjusted the UWC so that each component of Foswiki is converted in its entirety. All TWiki- and Foswiki-specific exceptions are converted cleanly into Confluence.

Advantages of this system:

  • Comments which are components of the wiki page in Foswiki or TWiki are cleanly converted into Confluence comments.
  • Embedded HTML code is cleanly transferred via macros and accurately migrated to Confluence.
  • Charts and tables are correctly displayed as their Confluence counterparts.
  • All macros are converted from Foswiki and TWiki.
  • The importation of Wiki Webs into Confluence spaces often involves thousands of files, but only a handful of exceptions usually require manual adjusting—something we will do for you.


The redesigned UWC for TWiki and Foswiki is only available as a component of a //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH project package. The licensing fee for this software is USD 0.25 per wiki page converted. There is a USD 650 minimum and USD 2,000 maximum cost for the conversion.

The fees for this specialized UWC are based upon conversion volume. This tool cannot be purchased as a standalone item. If the UWC needs to be expanded to offer additional features, we can price out a separate special offer.

The additional service costs associated with the conversion of your TWiki or Foswiki to Confluence are priced separately. On average, you should budget about USD 125 per hour for this. Most projects fall between USD 2,500 and USD 18,750 for this component of the migration. This largely depends on the size of your instance and the specific needs for your migration.

We’d also be happy to evaluate your dataset in advance of the migration. Costs for this pre-rendering service are USD 125 per hour, with most evaluations taking between 4 and 12 hours.

Additional information on "Wiki migration"

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