Integrate social timelines for direct communication between users

Engage collaboration within your teams and your organization. Microblogging for Confluence provides a user friendly and streamlined real time channel to share your ideas and quickly collect a broad feedback.

Whats new?

Version 5.0

We introduced a brand-new custom Microblog editor!

New features & Quality of Life improvements

    • Reply to microposts and stay in place.
      Instead of jumping to the top of the page after replying to a post, stay right where you are with the new Microblog version.
    • Faster and easier to understand editor.
      The new Microblog editor was designed with "less is more" in mind. Writing a post should be as easy as possible. To minimize distractions while editing, only the functionality you actually need should be visible. Also, the tools need to be intuitive and easy to use. You will notice the added benefit of significantly reduced editor loading time (and thus snappier overall Microblog loading performance).
    • Multiple instances of the Microblog on one page.
      It is now possible to include multiple Microblog instances on the same page. Farewell, loading errors! Editing posts might still cause some problems, however.
    • Quickly insert and delete uploaded images and attachments.
      With the new upload window, you are now able to add and delete attachments and images right where you work. Deleting an image from the upload dialog will now remove the image from the selected topic / space as well. No more ghost media lingering around!

Bugfixes & Technical improvements

    • Performance
      We improved the loading time of the editor.
    • Compatibility
      We improved the compatibility with RefinedTheme and Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme.
    • Comments
      Page comments, as well as inline comments, are now possible on Microblog-Pages (though not yet in Microblog content itself).
    • Security
      Potentially insecure endpoints of the native Confluence editor are now fixed.

This content was last updated on 10/17/2019.

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