Anybody in the company can be updated on important issues by anybody else in the company
Discussions on important topics now take place in public space with everybody being able to participate, allowing for a transparent decision making process
Emails to "all employees" have become extinct, people use the less invasive microblog instead



Facebook-like conversations

Engage collaboration within your teams and your organization. Microblogging for Confluence provides a user friendly and streamlined real time channel to share your ideas and quickly collect a broad feedback.

More visibility and transparency, less e-mail

Avoid endless discussions via e-mail and annoying e-mails at all. With Microblogging for Confluence, your discussions become more visible, more efficient and much easier accessible.

Deep integration within your familiar environment

Use the full power of the Confluence editor: rich text, multimedia, likes, @ mentions and more. Of course, microposts are searchable. Microblogging for Confluence is seemlessly integrated. No context switches.


Feature Highlights

Microblog-Hipchat integration

Are you using both Confluence with the Microblogging add-on and Hipchat? Is Hipchat already connected to your Confluence system? Then new microposts can be displayed in real time in Hipchat. Thanks to a simple shortcut, notifications of microposts in specific spaces are delivered directly to a predefined Hipchat room.

With this, teams can keep even more relevant information in one location - in Hipchat. Employees do not need to go specifically to the individual microblogs, but can easily keep up-to-date with new posts.

Simple configuration

To configure this integration:

  • <base-url>/plugins/servlet/hipchat/configure
  • <base-url>/spaces/hipchat2.action?key=<space-key>

  1. Select a Confluence space as the source of the microblog posts.
  2. Select a Hipchat room where the notifications should be displayed.
  3. Specify which events should send notifications to Hipchat. If you select the New micropost event, as shown in the screenshot above, Confluence will send a notification to the Hipchat room "MB Test" for each new micropost created in the "TEST" space.

Please note that Hipchat does not allow all HTML attributes. Notifications are exact copies of microposts from Confluence. This may mean, for example, that images and macros are not always included.

Do you need additional help integrating Confluence and Hipchat? Atlassian's Confluence support channel can help you with that.

Note: Atlassian recently announced their new team communication platform, Stride, which will replace Hipchat Cloud in the medium term. We can not say at the moment whether this integration will work with Stride. We will of course keep you informed. Customers using Hipchat Server or Data Center are not affected by this and can profit permanently from the new integration in this version of Microblogging for Confluence.

Asja Hermanns, Manager for Intranet & Knowledge Management at B.Braun on her experience with Microblog



"It's easier for colleagues to exchange with each other, especially internationally"

"Fast communication, intuitive and easy"


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