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What's better about our Linchpin User Profiles App compared to User Profiles for Confluence? How is User Profiles for Confluence better?


The native user profiles that are shipped with Confluence out-of-the-box, are static and only offer a few basic data. This is where Plugin solutions come in to enhance the Confluence profile and adapt them to individual customer requirements.

Thus the user profiles can form the basis for a comprehensive personalization of Confluence and for an advanced user search.

The two most advanced products in this context are the Linchpin User Profiles App by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and add-on User Profiles for Confluence by Communardo. Both products are developed intensively and are available for free trial on the Atlassian Marketplace.

We are comparing these solutions and take a look at the requirements they cover.


The Linchpin User Profiles Plugin and the User Profiles for Confluence Plugin do not differ much in price. The license costs are between 17% and 20% of the license price for Confluence respectively.

Linchpin User Profiles

Commercial License
Academic License
1010 USD5 USD
25150 USD75 USD
50280 USD140 USD
100510 USD255 USD
250 Enterprise990 USD495 USD
500 Enterprise1.540 USD770 USD
2.000 Enterprise1.980 USD990 USD
10.000 Enterprise3.080 USD1.265 USD

 User Profiles for Confluence

Commercial License
Academic License
1010 USD10 USD
25280 USD140 USD
50500 USD250 USD
100920 USD460 USD
250 Enterprise1.800 USD900 USD
500 Enterprise2.800 USD1.400 USD
2.000 Enterprise3.600 USD1.800 USD
10.000 Enterprise4.600 USD2.300 USD

Comparison of functionalities 

LUP= Linchpin User Profiles ; UPP= User Profiles for Confluence, UPS=User Profile Strength Plugin




Additional functions
Profile Content
Extended user profiles(tick)(tick)
  • Additional profile categories and their configuration
  • freely configurable subtitle field
  • Adding user groups to profile categories
  • Drag&Drop functions for arranging profile fields
  • Field type "depending field" creates if-then dependencies between profile fields
  • Help texts for individual profile fields
  • Help for each individual profile fields text field type autocomplete (similar to labels)
Layout Function(tick)(error)
  • Two-column Layout
  • Move categories using Drag&Drop
Linked profile fields(tick)(error)
  • Applications linked to profile fields to make them ideal for quickly contacting colleagues


Extended profile pictures

  • Option for manual excerpt
  • Select size of the profile picture
  • Maximum size for profile pictures (maximum pixel size)
Assisted profile completion(tick) (error)  

Extended, editable profile cards

(tick) (error)


Search and find users

Extended user search

  • User search macro on any Confluence page
  • Individual help text displayed in the search slot
  • Search and filter options in the user directory

Filtered user list

(tick) (tick)
  • Filter options by using custom user list macro on any Confluence page
  • Aside from avatar and user name, other profile fields which will be displayed can be selected
  • Search and filter options in the user directory
Personal contact list(tick)(tick)
  • Mark users as favorites
  • Arrange and organize favorites according to groups you have created
Org charts (tick) (tick)


  • Possibility to configure org charts
  • Option of a second level in hierarchy of the org charts (number of child and parent level can be configured)
Personalization options
User defined home page(tick)(error)  

Personalization options extend navigation and distribution of information in Confluence based on Custom User Profile


Data sources

Data synchronization at login

  • Data synchronization only at login to avoid the load during "bulk sync"

Multi LDAP connection

  • Synchronization of AD data
  • Write back into AD from the plugin (Self-Service)
Import of XML user data(tick)(error)  

User politics active/passive

  • The plugin differentiates between active and passive Confluence users, i.e. when creating org charts and exporting user profile data
  • In the configuration "active users" can be defined: all users that are in the system vs. users that are visible in the system


Profile Strength Indicator  (error)(error)  
Profile Strength Calculations and Analytics (error)(error)  
Data Center Compatibility(tick)(tick)  


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