Fully completed user profiles of all employees in Confluence are valuable, but at the same time, difficult to achieve. Especially when you first log in to Confluence, there are so many new things to discover. The users want to first get used to the system and often postpone filling out their profiles. It is unclear whether or when there will come a time when the user actually completes their profile. How useful and practical would it be, if Confluence reminded employees when important information is missing from their profile?

The Linchpin User Profiles add-on for Confluence offers exactly this - an assistant to ensure profiles are fully completed. It allows you to mark a profile field as mandatory, where all employees must enter their data. When any mandatory field is empty, the Profile Completion Assistant comes into the picture: it requests the user when they next log in, to complete the missing information in their profile. The user can enter the data directly in the displayed dialog.

The Assistant displays reminders until all mandatory fields are complete.

How it works

In the Administration area of the Linchpin User Profiles add-on, edit the profile fields that must be filled in, and tick the mandatory check box.  In order for the Assistant to ask users to fill in their missing mandatory fields, it must first be activated in the General Settings of the Linchpin User Profiles add-on. When activated, the Assistant will be displayed after logging in and request the required profile information from users when at least one of the mandatory profile fields is empty.

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