With which versions of Confluence is Linchpin User Profiles compatible?

The current version, Linchpin User Profiles 2.2, is compatible with the following Confluence versions:


How do I contact support?

You can ask support questions via our help desk.

So we can answer your question as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:

  • The version of your Confluence instance
  • The version of the Linchpin User Profiles app

General information

Can I add new fields to my profile as a user?


Only administrators can add additional profile fields. Users can only choose which fields they fill in with content. Of course, mandatory fields set by the administrator must be filled out.

What profile information does the vCard and User Profile macro display?

The administrator sets what information is displayed in the vCard and User Profile macros in the profile field editor.

Can you search for experts using their profile field information?


The Linchpin User Profiles app comes with some useful macros. The Custom User List macro in combination with the Custom User Search macro lets you perform detailed searches. These macros can be integrated on any Confluence page, and can be used to search for people based on their profile field information.

How can user data be imported?

User data can be imported via an XML file or by connecting to a central user directory. Synchronization of user data is possible in both directions. Depending on your configuration, the app can save user profile changes your central user directory.

Can I use Linchpin User Profiles with the User Profile Strength Plugin?


The two apps offer similar essential functions, which overwrite each other if they are both used in the one Confluence instance.

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