With the Linchpin User Profiles app you have the ability to search for people who have a matching phrase in a profile field using the Confluence search function.

You'd like to create a customized user search and filter the results. Then you should try the extended user search macro from Linchpin User Profiles for Confluence. This macro builds a list of users matching specific profile data on a Confluence page, and displays the search results as an overlay. Regardless which profile field you have filtered the search results, the users' names, profile photos and email addresses are always displayed.

Enter a search term to get a filtered list of results, and you can then add additional search terms to narrow the results, depending on the configuration.

Expert search

Let's say, you need someone who can support you with a Confluence presentation in English. A page within Confluence allows you to search for experts. This search shouldn't just list Confluence experts, but additionally should be filtered for English language proficiency.

Another example would be if you want to search for the administrator responsible for your account. The search can be limited to the group "Confluence Administrators". When you enter your department in the search field, a list of all Administrators who support your department will be displayed.

How it works

User groups

If you want to limited the search to specific groups, select the user group first. When you don't limit this, all groups are included in the search results.

Search based on profile fields

Select the profile fields on which you want to search. When you don't enter anything, all profile fields will be searched.

Resulting display of profile fields

In this section you can limit what profile information is relevant and included when the search results are displayed. Add a "column break" to arrange the displayed profile field contents side by side. 

Filter results

When the resulting list is too long, you can select the profile fields on which the list can then be further filtered.

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