In a standard Confluence instance, very little user data can be displayed. With the Linchpin User Profiles app, profiles are easily extended with categories and any number of fields. Such rich user profiles are much more useful than the standard, limited Confluence profiles. They weave a story and leave a better impression of each user.

Our revamp of user profiles opens new possibilities within Confluence: language and location information can be used to automatically serve appropriate content, information about a user's skills can support an expert-search, and so on. Which employee has specific qualifications? What further education and training interests each user? When did an employee join the company? 

Any information can be integrated into a user profile now, thanks to the Linchpin User Profiles app, even private interests and hobbies, building a better employee network within Confluence.

How it's done

In the Administration area of the app, you can add new profile categories and fields easily with one click, and then drag-and-drop to change their order. Which options should be used for a profile field? In which form should the user input their data? You can choose from a variety of field types, from plain text through to a user selection.

The information can be read from an existing user directory - the configuration can be changed at any time. If you want to make sure that certain profile information mandatory is completed by all users, you can set a check box for each profile field you want to make mandatory.

Profile categories for each user group 

Do you want different user groups to have different profile fields? Our Linchpin User Profiles add-on offers this functionality too. You can limit profile categories to specific user groups. The users will only see the categories enabled for the groups they belong to. When there are no limitations by user groups set, all users will see all categories and profile fields.

Expanded profile photos

With the Linchpin User Profiles add-on, profile photos in Confluence are automatically scaled and users can manually crop their photo.

  • Automatic scaling.
  • Manual cropping functionality.
  • An administrator can set the size of the profile photos.
  • A maximum size for profile photos can be set.
  • An administrator can set the profile image source (Confluence, LDAP, URL)

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