This version introduces extended permissions for visibility and editability of events. In addition, it is now even easier to insert suitable and high-quality event title images - via Unsplash image service integration. Get even more information in our blog!

Manage editor permission on a per-event level

Event editors can now be named explicitly on the basis of individual users or via Confluence user groups - individually for each event.

Hide sensitive information to all users

Event editors can always view the number of participants, the participant list and the event creator, even if this information is hidden for an event.

High-quality event images at the touch of a button

Linchpin Events now offers the possibility to import a suitable image directly into the event via the image database

What's new in Linchpin Events 3.0?

Permissions for displaying and editing can now be assigned in more detail per event. By doing so, event creators and editors are able to tailor events even more precisely to the respective target group. Furthermore, by assigning editor rights to individual users, the risk of an uncontrolled loss of data by deleting participant lists or entire events is minimized. The changes in detail:

  • New events are visible to all registered users by default. Optionally, each event can be restricted to members of any Confluence space.
  • Event editors can now be defined based on individual users and user groups.
  • The creator of an event can now be displayed with the event so participants can contact him or her.

As the creator of an event, you often do not have a high-quality cover image at hand that appropriately enhances it and fits the topic of the event. But that's over now - thanks to the integration of Unsplash image database, appealing images can now be searched for and integrated directly when creating or editing an event.

  • Title images can be added directly from the Unsplash image database when creating or editing an event.
  • Please note: This feature is disabled by default and must be activated by an administrator before it is available to all users in Linchpin Events.

There's a feature missing in the list that would increase the product's value for your company? Let us know about it - simply visit our feedback board for Linchpin Events and create a feature request, vote for existing posts, or discuss your ideas with other customers (Lächeln)

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Event editors always have access to all event functions - even if there are restrictions in place.
  • "Sign me up" button is hidden for events for which registration is not allowed.
  • Improved protection against XSS attacks.


  • Fixed an issue with the event hub displaying too many events when anonymous access is enabled for the Confluence instance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused events to be created multiple times when the connection to the system was interrupted during create process.

Known issues

  • There currently is an issue that prevents users from uploading some files to Confluence pages when there's Linchpin Events installed in that instance. We're currently investigating the cause of this issue and will provide a bugfix release as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Linchpin Events 3.0

Q: What happens to existing events in my instance that are only visible to users of a specific Confluence space?

A: Existing events are automatically migrated to the new permission concept when updating to version 3.0. The defined space link is taken over, so that existing events still are only visible for members of the configured space after the update. The editor permissions for existing events may have to be checked or adjusted, since only the event creator and Confluence administrators will have editor permissions after the update.

Q: What happens if the visibility of an event is restricted to a space and that space is deleted?

A: The event may then no longer be visible if the deleted space was the only linked space of the event. If the visibility was restricted to more than one space, it can no longer be edited. To repair the event, a database administrator must empty the table 'AO_E4409B_EVENT_SPACE_KEY' for the affected event.

Got any questions or need help?

If you have any questions on the product or facing issues please don't hesitate to get in contact. Simply create a Jira task via our service desk over at or start a chat right from this page by clicking the bubble on the bottom right.

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