Create events with Confluence Blueprints

Simply use the integrated Linchpin Events Blueprint from the Confluence Create dialogue to create an event page.

Join events with one click

As a Confluence user you can join any event with one click. You can add others by simply typing their names into the text box - Confluence users and external participants.

Have rich event pages in seconds

Create rich event pages with all participants in an interactive list.

Why Linchpin Events?

Easy events aids companies and their employees when initiating and organizing events. By providing an intuitive interface and a self-explanatory functionality, Linchpin Events reduces the creation and joining of your events to a few mouse clicks. Including non-Confluence users to its interface, Easy Events simplifies planning significantly, creating lists of everyone attending, for everyone to see.

People are the heart of your company and should be the heart of your Confluence, too. Custom User Profile makes it easier for your employees to connect. Typically, the user directory is a highly popular Confluence feature. It is the part of Confluence that holds your wiki together.

Your advantages

Thanks to the standardized event presentation, you and your colleagues will save time. Even seconds will add up over time. 
Participants can RVSP with a single click. It's not necessary to edit the page.
Thanks to the build-in sharing capabilities, your events will capture a higher attention within your company or department.

Number of userCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
1010 USD10 USD
25150 USD75 USD
50280 USD140 USD
100510 USD255 USD
250990 USD495 USD
5001,540 USD770 USD
2.0001,980 USD990 USD
10.0002,530 USD1265 USD
10.000+3,080 USD1540 USD

The plugin license legitimates you to install and use the plugin in one Confluence instance and all its testing instances. The installation on further instances is prohibited. For the first 12 months after purchasing the license, you get updates for this plugin free of charge. After that you can extend your license for another 12 months.

Please contact us:

Consult the documentation for the Linchpin Events: Documentation




Services for the Linchpin Events App

//SEIBERT/MEDIA assists you in the installation of the plugin, integration of the code-snippet in your theme and configuration of menu items and links. If this support offer is of any interest for you, please use our contact form to get in touch with us. The effort of installation, integration and configuration depends on your individual conditions. You can expect between 1 and 8 hours working time, with an hourly rate between 100 USD - 200 USD. We advise you according to your needs.

Demo video

Create event pages and enjoy an easy sign up



Show events in a calendar or a list view


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