Create a dashboard that looks like a news magazine

Make your intranet the go-to place for all of your latest news.

Your employees will appreciate the modern look of your dashboard and news pages.

Use large images, quotes, embedded videos, or bold headlines.

Use the slides to browse through your news - just like in a magazine.


News that really looks like news


Add elements to your news that you know and love from your favorite news sites:

Kicker lines to accompany your headline or a lead paragraph to grab your reader's attention.


Establish an approval or time-triggered workflow


The Linchpin Enterprise News lets you define space editors to approve an author’s news items before they are published.

Publish time-triggered news on a specified date or allow them to expire, so that they don’t show up when they no longer make sense.



Do not just display your news, tailor it to the needs of your users. They will love the new look!

  • Add categories to your news. For example, you can chronologically read a news category of your choice within the overview.
  • Use the Personal News Feed as a customized article overview. Just read the news from the spaces that you are really interested in.
  • Mark your information as "sticky". The marked news items are fixed to the top of the news stream and will not be replaced by more recent news articles.
  • Keep employees in-the-know when it comes to important news. By declaring the news item mandatory, a user must confirm they have "read" it.


More Details

Cover Stories Macro

With Cover Stories, you can present your most important news in interesting ways. You can also filter certain types of news with just a couple of clicks. For example, if you want to keep your employees updated on what's happening in IT or make sure they see company-wide announcements, you can filter these news items into Cover Stories. You can also display news articles from specific categories or with certain labels.

In addition to having more freedom when choosing the tile height, you are not limited to the static display of a fixed number of tiles. The slides allow you to actively browse through a variety of your news items - just like in a magazine.

Decide which information, such as author, date, preview, etc., is always visible, or only visible when the user hovers over a tile.

Corporate News Feed Macro

The Corporate News Feed offers a chronological feed containing your news items. In the macro options, you can specify which news items should be included. For example, from specific spaces or categories.

Personal News Feed Macro

Read the news from all of your favorite spaces. 

News Teaser Macro

With the News Teaser, you can actively present news with colorful backgrounds, videos, quotes, and pictures. 


Feature Highlights

News Publishing

Publish news items automatically at a set date and time so that they will not appear in your news stream during inconvenient hours. You can set an expiry date and time to make a news item disappear from the news stream when it becomes irrelevant.


You can add specific categories to your news articles. This helps you keep all your news articles organized and easy to follow.

Sticky Status

The Sticky Status lets you indicate important news articles that should not get lost amongst all the new posts that are published throughout the day. You would use this to make sure an important message from the CEO is seen by everyone, for example. 

Workflow Clearance

You can define who the editors are in spaces where news is published. Editors can publish your news blog posts, while normal users can submit them to the editors for approval. 

Mandatory News

Make sure all employees have read a news article - mark company-wide must-know news articles as mandatory, and all users will have to say they have 'read' them. This ensures that your news has been seen. 

Default Image

To make sure you publish your news items with an image, you can define a default image in the administration area. This image will be used for news feeds (Corporate News Feed and Personal News Feed macros) as well as for the Cover Stories macro. The default image is used when there isn't a News Teaser macro, which defines a different image, within the content of your news blog post. 

News Center

Create your own information center with news articles, text search and configurable filters.

Personal subscriptions in Cover Stories

Display news items in the Personal News Feed in attractive tiles.

Standard News Subscriptions

Administrators can specify spaces that new users are automatically subscribed to so that no user starts with an empty feed.

Timezone support

Display all published times within the Linchpin Enterprise News in the user's own timezone (this uses the timezone set on their workstation), no matter where your Confluence instance is located.

Individual tile design

You can change the display of the tiles with custom CSS where each space, label and category can have their own design.


Asja Hermanns, Manager for Intranet & Knowledge Management at B.Braun on her experience using the Linchpin Enterprise News


Why did you choose to use the Linchpin Enterprise News?

"We want to share personalized or target group oriented news with the target groups it affects."

How does the Linchpin Enterprise News help you share your news?

"It is mostly the international aspect, which allows us to reach all colleagues there, yet at the same time, target specific groups so that our colleagues receive relevant information that they need for their work."

Which functions of Linchpin Enterprise News do you appreciate most?

"Cover Stories on the homepage of the intranet displays the news in an appealing way, and the employees are excited to read more. It can be a video post, a normal news text or a quote in large letters - the variation means employees enjoy looking at it."

How do your colleagues feel about the Linchpin Enterprise News?

"They feel it is a basic feature, it's a must. There will always be company news, and it's best when it's well presented. If it wasn't there, the whole intranet would not be the way it is now and that would not be good."

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