We would be happy to support you beyond the pure installation and help you introduce JIRA successfully into your company. In the following excerpt, you will see the various modules and prices connected with the services that we offer you.


Basic in USD

Recommended in USD

High-end in USD

Design / Customizing

We will embed your logo into the application and implement your requests for color changes corresponding to your needs and corporate identity. In addition, in order to improve user acceptance, we will develop individual icons for various types of actions.

Based on our experiences we recommend: 3 x 140 = 420
Lower level: 1 x 140 = 140 / High-end: 8 x 140 = 1,120




Workshop / Consulting module “employee activation”

New software isn’t always known to unleash joy among the users. The topic of employee activation has decisive impact, especially in regards to the sustainable establishment of the software in your company. Together, we will develop a “demonstration case”, to allow your JIRA users to see and experience the advantages and uses of the software first hand. Furthermore, we will consult with you to develop a strategy for the sustainable anchoring of the software within your company and create support- and feedback mechanisms to prevent possible conflicts with, and resistance against the software from arising.

Based on our experiences we recommend: 28 x 170 = 4,760
Lower level: 14 x 170 = 2,380 / High-end: 40 x 170 = 6,800




JIRA consulting (content and strategy) for the rollout

Within the context of strategic consulting, a JIRA-expert from //SEIBERT/MEDIA will work with you on evaluating the rollout, and advise you on how to establish the system in a sustainable manner. We will support you during the introductory phase and help you solve any problems that may arise. Together we will identify possible problem areas and potential sticking points.
In addition to this, we will work with you on strategy regarding questions such as employee activation and the acceptance of plugins. It can also be useful to book Webinars for your location to support the workshops.

Based on our experience we recommend: 16 x 170 = 2,720
Lower level: 8 x 170 = 1,360 / High-end: 32 x 170 = 5,440




Workshop / Consulting module “Post Rollout and Feedback”

In this consulting module you will work together with one of our consultants on “points of friction” that may still remain after the introductory phase has been completed. We will identify and analyze the current user difficulties and discuss the problems, questions, and resulting demands arising from actual use.
An expert from //SEIBERT/MEDIA will evaluate with you the further steps you will need to take in your project.

Based on our experience we recommend: 28 x 170 = 4,760
Lower Level: 14 x 170 = 2,380 / High-end: 40 x 170 = 6,800








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