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...is a great importing and exporting tool for JIRA. It helps you to import your issues from virtually anywhere: Excel, Word, Notepad, through the clipboard. It also helps you with exporting: you can export issues even with comments or attachments in XLS or HTML.

Why using ImpEx?

ImpEx is is fully integrated into the JIRA Issue Navigator, so it makes everyone feel completely at home from the very first moment. It is very useful if you want to import, export or modify multiple issues. To import issues (or create multiple issues) first you have to copy them from Excel or a Notepad with Ctrl+C.

After copying them, you have to open the import dialog from the Issue Navigator and simply paste your issues with Ctrl+V. If you want to update multiple issues, it works the same but you have to open the Update dialog from the Issue Navigator. The export function is also very useful since the built-in Excel export function was removed by Atlassian from JIRA 7.2.

Or it may give you a little more than that: it enables you to export more than 1,000 issues even with comments, images or other attachments.


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
1010 USD10 USD
2565 USD32.50 USD
50125 USD62.50 USD
100220 USD110 USD
250380 USD190 USD
500625 USD312.50 USD
2,000800 USD400 USD
10,0001,200 USD600 USD
10,000+1,600 USD800 USD

Benefits of the plugin

  • Issue creation and modification for multiple issues is very fast
  • Import issues from virtually anywhere
  • Easily export issues with comments, images, attachments

Use Cases for the plugin

  • Creating and modifying multiple issues
  • Importing issues from Excel, Word, Notepad, through the clipboard etc.
  • Exporting
    • Export more than 1000 issues
    • Export issues with comments, images, attachments
    • Export issues to Excel (XLS) or HTML


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