We (and Atlassian) no longer support HipChat. Content and prices are outdated.

In addition to starter licences, you can also purchase extensions of support and upgrades of your current user scaling through //SEIBERT/MEDIA. You can find the details in the models below.

Atlassian now offers HipChat behind the firewall, which means you can install and use the tool on your own server. The HipChat Server is now available. Prices and costs can be found here.

License Model of HipChat Server

Number of UsersAnnual costs for commercial licensesAnnual costs for academic licenses

Number of UsersAnnual costs for commercial licenses
Annual costs for academic licenses
1-1010 USD10 USD
3,001-4,00096,000 USD48,000 USD
11-251,800 USD900 USD
4,001-5,000120,000 USD60,000 USD
26-503,300 USD1,650 USD
5,001-6,000144,000 USD72,000 USD
51-1006,000 USD3,000 USD
6,001-7,000168,000 USD84,000 USD
101-25012,000 USD6,000 USD
7,001-8,000192,000 USD96,000 USD
251-50016,000 USD8,000 USD
8,001-9,000216,000 USD108,000 USD
501-1,00024,000 USD12,000 USD
9,001-10,000240,000 USD120,000 USD
1,001-2,00048,000 USD24,000 USD
10,001-15,000264,000 USD132,000 USD
2,001-3,00072,000 USD36,000 USD
15,000-20,000288,000 USD144,000 USD

HipChat comparison - Basic (Cloud), Plus (Cloud), Server

Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android apps(tick)(tick)(tick)
Group chat and IM(tick)(tick)(tick)
Guest access(tick)(tick)(tick)
Unlimited integrations(tick)(tick)(tick)
1-to-1 voice calling (tick)(tick)
1-to-1 video chat (tick)(tick)
1-to-1 screen sharing (tick)(tick)
Data retention flexibility (tick)(tick)(plus)
User management with Google apps(tick)(tick) 
Turn on/off 1-1 messaging  (tick)
LDAP/AD Integration  (tick)
Host in your own data center (behind firewall)  (tick)
File storage5 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Searchable message history25,000 messagesUnlimitedUnlimited
Pricefree$2/user/monthsee pricing

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Note: HipChat Basic and HipChatPlus would be hosted on Atlassian Server (aka Cloud). HipChat Server would be hosted on your own infrastructure or servers.

As mentioned above, right now you can turn off 1-1 messaging only with the Server option. HipChat Server also allows you to configure your own security, based on your needs such as to define ports, decide whether to install behind a firewall, and the use of LDAP/AD for user management. Firewall or IP access restriction are not available in the Cloud version.

With HipChat Cloud, you'll also have access to client-side logs. HipChat Server grants you full access to all data logs since the data is hosted on servers you have direct access to.

As of data retention controls the comparison between HipChat Basic , Plus, and Server is as follows:

HipChat lets you save the whole history of all conversations or limit it by time. HipChat Basic (Cloud) does not provide a retention policy feature. It offers the history for up to 25,000 last messages without the ability to change this.

History retention controls setting for HipChat Plus and HipChat Server are available both, globally and per room with these options:

HipChat Plus (Cloud)HipChat Server
  • Keep all history
  • Keep none (up to 75 per sessions but once logged out/in no history is shown)
  • Keep up to last 75 messages
  • By age: Last days 7, 14, or 30 days
  • Keep all history
  • Keep none (up to 75 per sessions but once logged out/in no history is shown)
  • By age: Last days 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days

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