In addition to updating the existing customer systems on our servers, we are often asked to conduct updates of JIRA and Confluence instances which are not on our servers. We gladly assist you and run the update for you. Since we have not had any contact to your system at this point, we will need some information from you, in order to give you a valid estimate.Estimate

Detailed information on the upgrade

  • Which version of JIRA or Confluence are you currently using?
    • When were the launched?
  • How much data do you have in Confluence or JIRA (data system + data base)
    • For Confluence: How many users, groups, attachments, spaces, pages are there?
    • For JIRA: How many projects, issues are there?
  • Which plugins are installed in both systems?
    • Should these be considered in the update or are some add-ons left out?
  • Are the applications running on one server or independent of each other?
    • Which data base are you using? Is it on the same server as Confluence/JIRA or dedicated?
    • Which character set and which collation is configured for the data base and the tables?
  • Under which paths are Confluence or JIRA installed, where is the application data stored?
  • Which server system, which version and architecture (32/64 bit) are in use?
  • Which performance data do/does the server have (CPU, RAM, storage)?
    • Is it a hardware server or a virtual machine?
  • Is a webserver installed in front of Confluence/JIRA? If so, which one?
  • Is a webproxy or other content filters in use for the incoming and outgoing internet traffic?
  • Were JIRA or Confluence integrated in a user directory (LDAP/AD)
  • Is a Single Sign On (SSO) used?
  • How do we gain access to the system (remote or exclusively on site)?
    • If remote access is possible, which software allows access to the according system (i.e. SSH (Linux) or Teamviewer (Windows))?
  • When do you want to run the update (weekday or weekend)?

We hope you can answer as many questions as possible (the more answers, the more detailed our estimate will be). We look forward to hearing from you.

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