Recommended variants with optimal cost-benefit relationship

We recommend these services for your internal budgeting of external services offered by //SEIBERT/MEDIA:


Lower in USD

Recommended in USD

High-end in USD

JIRA consulting at the beginning of the project (content and strategy)

Within the context of strategic consulting, a JIRA expert from //SEIBERT/MEDIA will work with you on evaluating the system and will help acquaint you with the system functions and example applications. Together, we will clarify opportunities and possibilities for using this system at your company as well as the functions and applications. This consulting will take place in the form of telephone- and desktop-sharing sessions or within the framework of a personal (face-to-face) conversation.

Get more information regarding the content and strategy of a JIRA consulting session for the beginning of your project

Based on our experience we recommend: 3 x 140 = 420 (1 hour on the telephone + 2 hours of JIRA software presentation)
Lower level: 1 x 140 = 140 (telephone conversation) / High-end: 1 x 140 (telephone conversation)
+ 3 x 140 (workshop at your location) = 560




Consulting for JIRA plugins

Working together with you, we will evaluate JIRA plugins that can help you optimize your business processes (e.g., Greenhopper, Gliffy plugin, Email-import plugin). We will help you select, install, and configure the appropriate expansions (plugins). In addition to all this, we will advise you regarding the strategic planning of the rollout, the activation of your employees, and how to achieve acceptance of the plugins.

Get more info on plugin consultation.

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 = 1.120
Lower level: 4 x 140 = 560 / High-end: 16 x 140 = 2.240




Professional JIRA-user workshops for new users

In a user workshop, a consultant will work with you and potential users on the JIRA basics. In practical lessons and practice exercises, participants learns about JIRA’s functions, workflows, use cases, and other aspects that are important for daily use and with which users will confront on a daily basis. It may also be useful to have additional Webinars at your location. (More information on the content of group workshops, some preparatory information and concrete offers for JIRA workshops)

Get more information regarding professional JIRA-user workshops for new users

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 (1 workshop at your location) = 1.120
Lower level: 4 x 140 (WebEx sessions) = 560 / High-end: 16 x 140
(1 workshop at your location and two Webinars at 4 hours per Webinar) = 2,240




Professional JIRA-administrator workshops for new users

In a JIRA-administrator workshop, a JIRA administrator will train your employees in how to administrate and manage the system. Within the context of theoretical and practical workshop components, user management, rights/access structure, configuration, security aspects, IT infrastructure requirements, and so on will be thoroughly examined and practiced by the participants. (More information on the content of group workshops, some preparatory information and concrete offers for JIRA workshops)

Based on our experience we recommend: 10 x 140 = 1.400
Lower level: 6 x 140 = 840 / High-end: 20 x 140 = 2.800




Professional JIRA-developer workshops for software engineers

In this developer workshop, we focus on how JIRA can support your software development tasks and activities. In this regard, we will work on both the basics as well as extremely specific knowledge for the following topics: Agile software development with Greenhopper, JIRA-Eclipse integration, SVN connection, integration of third-party systems, use of other systems (i.e., those that might be made available by Atlassian) for code review, continuous integration, unit tests, etc. The workshop can take place at your location or in the headquarters of //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Wiesbaden. (More information on the content of group workshops, some preparatory information and concrete offers for JIRA workshops)

Our developer workshops are led by experienced programmers and are designed to cover all the questions that experienced developers might not have had answered by the user- or administrator workshops. We only offer these workshops upon request and following individual conversations with workshop trainers after user- and administrator workshops. Please be aware that oftentimes, we cannot offer these workshops on short notice because our developers are typically very, very busy, so please take some waiting time into account.

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 = 1.120
Lower level: 4 x 140 = 560 / High-end: 12 x 140 (two workshops at your location) = 1.680




Development of individualized training videos

We produce individual JIRA-user training videos that you can purchase and make available to your employees. In these videos, a JIRA consultant will use audio-visual media to explain, depending on your requirements, system-specific work practices and ‘best practices’ and will go through example and concrete use cases. These videos are developed using professional screencast software.

Learn more about the development of individual training videos

Based on our experience we recommend: 4 x 80 = 320
Lower level: 1 x 80 = 80 / High-end: 8 x 80 = 640




Configure individual JIRA-workflows for process flow controls

You will get the most out of JIRA if you allow for an unbureaucratic workflow and if and when necessary, require strict process rules, depending on the needs of your project. These requirements may also differ within the project itself, so certain parts may remain more flexible, while others might be more rigid. A simple example: an additional request of a customer in your project needs to be estimated, given the go-ahead, controlled for quality, and accepted by the customer. A mistake on your end needs to be removed as quickly as possible: complicated processes would only slow down this effort. We configure JIRA together with you so that it fits your enterprise’s needs, we will also show you how you can further customize it yourself.

Based on our experience we recommend: 8 x 140 = 1.120
Lower level: 2 x 140 = 280 / High-end: 10 x 140 = 1.400 




How to take advantage of the interface between JIRA and Confluence

Atlassian doesn’t just offer the high-end process-management program JIRA: it’s also the purveyor of the worldwide leading enterprise wiki system Confluence. Confluence and JIRA can work together perfectly. We will show you how that works and can help you make the first connections between the two. In addition to this, we will support you as you develop guidelines regarding when and for what JIRA and Confluence should be used within your organization.

Learn more about developing a process model for the use of JIRA

Based on our experience we recommend: 6 x 120 = 720
Lower level: 2 x 120 = 240 / High-end: 10 x 120 = 1.200




Project management for the JIRA pilot (introductory phase)

//SEIBERT/MEDIA’s project management is professional and flexible. From “slim and agile” to “hard core”, we can fulfill all your needs thanks to our reliable process controls.
Depending on your budget, we can perform more or fewer services. Some examples of these include project planning, project organization, project controls, internal- and external communication with all project participants, creation of communication guidelines and work methods, and change management.

Based on our experience we recommend: 20% of the total number of hours required for a project.
Lower level: 20% / High-end: 30%








Further information

Central task management

Many companies seem to content themselves with average project management, low levels of transparency, and less than optimal efficiency in their daily business. To an extent, excellent strategies and goals are being implemented by highly educated, extremely motivated employees according to their best knowledge and conscience. But how? Take a look around at how daily business is conducted at your enterprise. Is it ruled by Excel, Word, and Powerpoint together with Outlook emails? There are so many different versions of all these files that are constantly being distributed by mail in their various iterations and permutations.

Some managers are regularly surprised by how good their results are despite a lack of structure, discipline, and efficiency within their operational implementation.

Learn more about the basics and advantages of central task management


The web based application JIRA is the powerful, established and refined bug and issue tracking system made by Atlassian Software. JIRA allows to create, delegate, prioritize, track, check and manage tasks of any kind (software bugs, project tasks, change requirements, improvements, etc.) Implementing JIRA enables a business to a professional, systematic and effective error, task and quality management.

Learn more here about JIRA.

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