As an administrator, you will want to be able to add links to other systems in your users' Confluence or Linchpin profiles.

For example, a user can jump to the profile owner's personal dashboard in another system.

The example on the right shows a link to the profile owner's XING profile.

However, you'll soon run into a common problem: Users don't always remember to maintain this information in their own profiles themselves.

Dynamic links are the solution.

As an administrator, you can add a profile field to all user profiles, where you include a link which is automatically populated with data from each user's profile - for example, with usernames or other profile attributes. This data can also come from your LDAP system.

Simply insert the corresponding field key as a wildcard in curly braces.

For example:

{cup.academic-1} {cup.lastname-3}


The fields that you can use and their field keys will depend on which profile fields you have added in the profile editor in the administration. When you have selected Special fields, a compact tooltip with all of the currently available fields and their associated field keys will be displayed on the right.

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