Checklist: Inventory data protection

Does your company want to use Atlassian Cloud in the future and are you asking yourself: "What do we have to consider when it comes to data protection?” Then we have something for you: a checklist to help you be well-prepared for an initial meeting with your Data Protection Officer (DPO). This checklist acts as a reference framework to identify your data protection needs going forward.

Would you now like to conduct your own inventory of data protection in your companies?

Then download this free whitepaper, in which we go into more detail about all the checkpoints on our data protection checklist.

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Our data protection expert Thomas Rosin

The content for this whitepaper was created in collaboration with our data protection expert, Thomas Rosin

Thomas Rosin specializes in data and information protection. In addition to his work as a data protection officer and consultant for numerous companies, he teaches data protection in the Master's program in information systems at the RFH University of Applied Science in Cologne.


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