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Automation for Jira

ScriptRunner for Jira

Jira Automation Plugin

Automation Tools for Jira

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Vendor background infoEx-Atlassians, Creators of the free pluginBacked by big vendor AdaptavistBy AtlassianUnknown to us
Plugin evaluationVery easy to use surfaceMarket leading solution, very versatileLargely unmaintainedLargely a copy of free plugin
Market share / adoptionLOWHIGHHIGHVERY LOW


Comparision fact sheet by Codebarrel


Some of their comments from an interview

  • "The thing with ScriptRunner is that it can cover pretty much anything that's available through Jira's API (but it also lets you do scary things from a security/resource utilisation point of view). We aim to cover the majority of automation use-cases a team is faced with in Jira."

  • "Switching from one to the other is difficult. We can't really write an 'importer' and admins would have to convert scripts to automation rules manually..."

  • "Recommending one over the other is difficult. If you have something really detailed and specific to your team's process you're trying to automate, and you have coding knowledge and the time to invest in learning Jira's apis then scriptrunner is probably the solution. Otherwise go with Automation for Jira - it will save you a huge amount of time and headache"

  • "No ScriptRunner doesn't really have a visual interface. There are some things they seem to have a UI for (like the create sub-tasks for example), but it's a pretty complex UI in general."

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