• Atlassian has notified us about their price increases for licenses, effective 12 October, 2018.

  • This includes an increase for Cloud licenses of 10% on average.

  •  Server licenses will increase by 25% (for all user groups up to and including 500 users), or 15% (for all user groups from 2,000+ users).

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The following Server and Cloud products are affected

  • Jira Core (Server and Cloud)
  • Jira Software (Server and Cloud)
  • Jira Service Desk (Server)
  • Portfolio for Jira (Server and Cloud)
  • Confluence (Server and Cloud)
  • Team Calendars for Confluence (Server and Cloud)
  • Confluence Questions (Server and Cloud)
  • Bitbucket (Server)
  • Bamboo (Server)
  • Crowd (Server)

The following products are unaffected by the increased prices

  • Fisheye (Server) & Crucible (Server)
  • All Atlassian initial licenses
  • All Data Center products including Atlassian Stack
  • Atlassian services: Training, Priority Support, Premier Support, und TAM

Does Atlassian regularly make price adjustments or is this an exceptional case?

In the past, Atlassian has adjusted its license prices every few years (often every two to four years). This cycle is now shortening, so it is expected that this will happen regularly in the future. Below is an overview of the price increases over the past four years:

  • March 2014 > an average price increase of 25% for Fisheye and Crucible products
  • October 2014 > an average price increase of 27% for Jira Core
  • November 2014 > an average price increase of 16% for the products Confluence Questions and Team Calendars
  • August 2016 > an average price increase of 15% for Confluence
  • October 2017 > an average price increase of 12%  for all Atlassian products

Which options are available to you now and what are the next steps in the process?

If you have an existing license

  1. If no action is taken, you will be billed for your next support extension based on the new pricing model.
  2. You may renew your Atlassian support for up to 36 months in advance (renewals are available with 12, 24 and 36 months). Your support can be extended no later than October 12, 2021. Please note if you renew your Atlassian support now, you will also have to pay now, but you can take advantage of the lower costs. 

In the case of a new license

  • Contact us before changing to the new price model and you will receive an offer at the old pricing. Consider whether you want to extend your support to a maximum of three years (as described above) to pay today's fixed prices.

And if you plan to upgrade

  • We recommend that you secure the old prices for your upgrade before the pricing increases. As part of an increased user tier, you can extend your support up to a maximum of 36 months in advance. This will not be detrimental to you, even if you plan to upgrade again later (see below).

The new pricing will be effective as part of new license requests from 12 October, 2018.

Before this deadline, as your license partner we can create quotes for Atlassian products with the old pricing. This pricing will be valid until 21 December, 2018. If you would like to secure the old pricing, please contact us by 5 October, 2018 (1 week prior to the deadline). On 12 October 2018, no more changes to these quotes will be possible.
Our customers often request changes (to consolidate support before it expires or to offset an upgrade). We will work quickly to get the best deal for you.
You will receive the quote no later than 12 October, 2018. This updated quote can be finalized prior to the Christmas holidays.
Please contact us by email at lizencen@seibert-media.net and we will advise you accordingly.

Will the pricing for third-party apps automatically increase?

App providers can bind the price of their product to the base license (e.g. Jira or Confluence). Therefore, this increase would raise the price of the app accordingly. From experience, in the past only a few vendors have used this automatic binding to Atlassian licenses. However, app providers can manually adjust prices at any time, and this has been done by some providers.

If you have a maximum support extension, are there any disadvantages if you upgrade?

No. When you upgrade, the existing support period expires. However, unused full support years will be credited one-to-one against the upgrade. There are no disadvantages to upgrading now or within your current one-year support period (any residual support in this year will expire). For example, if you have purchased a 36-month support but need to upgrade your user tier after only 10 months of support, 24 months will be credited directly against your upgrade.

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