Atlassian Data Center

Sustainable solutions for Atlassian products


The future is both exciting and unpredictable. Is your company, including your organizational processes, ready for the future?  With Atlassian Data Center, you’ll have the tools to restructure your systems in a scalable, reliable, future-proof way.


Is Atlassian Data Center the right solution for my business?

Your company is growing: your software should be able to scale with it

Do you want to roll your system out more broadly, on a large scale to an increased user base? Are your teams increasingly collaborating remotely from different locations? If so, then the software you use should be designed to facilitate innovation and scaling - whether your company has 500 or 10,000 users.

Atlassian Data Center lets your software systems grow with your company.

Atlassian products work when your business needs them most

Systems such as Confluence, Jira, and Bitbucket are the foundation of your most important software development and innovation processes. However, fluctuations in performance and system failures can have serious consequences.

With Atlassian Data Center, your processes permanently secured.

Plan for the long term

It’s a good idea to strategically plan your IT environment for the medium and long term. Atlassian is increasingly focused on developing the use of data centers as an alternative to traditional server installations.

You can future-proof your IT environment with Atlassian Data Center.

A quick look at the advantages of Atlassian Data Center


The tools you use - including software - have to be able to grow with your organization. Atlassian Data Center helps you scale your business-critical processes - facilitating efficient collaboration at every stage in your company's growth. 


The reliability and speed of software systems are critical for developing enterprise-level products and services. Atlassian Data Center ensures that your teams can always rely on their tools.


Your company’s infrastructure must be able to cope with the rapid developments of a complex market. With Atlassian Data Center as a base, you can plan your software-supported strategies by using solutions that will adapt to the changing times.

Any questions?

Contact us to discuss the right approach for your company.


Technical functions


Improve your team’s productivity by giving them uninterrupted access to tools - even while software is being updated.

Disaster Recovery

Use Atlassian Data Center as part of your disaster recovery strategy to prevent data loss during system failures. With our Data Center Operating Packages you can also secure your systems - at competitive rates.

Minimizing Downtime

During scheduled downtimes, productive use of systems is often not possible with heavily loaded servers. With Atlassian Data Center, you can minimize downtime and increase team productivity.


As your organization grows - along with its processes - Atlassian Data Center allows you to immediately customize your systems. You can expand capacity and resources without downtime or performance degradation.

Infrastructure to meet demand

Atlassian Data Center offers you a high degree of flexibility when operating using your Atlassian products. Choose to set up your systems either internally or via iaaS providers such as Aws or Azure.

Exclusive extra features

With Atlassian Data Center, you can take advantage of additional administrative features tailored to the needs of enterprise organizations - including exclusive features for Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket or Crowd.

Any questions? We would be happy to help you determine what your needs are and objectively assess whether a data center version is the right solution for you instead of a classic server. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we earned our experience from working on numerous Atlassian projects. We can help guide you through the process of finding the optimal software package for you and your business. We’ll take care of all questions regarding your license setup and support you in all aspects of scaling your Atlassian products.

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