Atlassian Cloud vs.
Data Center

Functional differences and the advantages and disadvantages of both deployments.

Scaling & Performance


As teams and processes grow, the demands on the system increase. A fast exchange must be guaranteed.

Data Center

(tick) Connecting additional hardware allows for horizontal scaling

(tick) Your systems can be seamlessly and instantly extended, with no downtime

(tick) No user limit


(tick) Atlassian Cloud will grow with your needs.  High-performance operation is always guaranteed

(tick) The cloud infrastructure scales with your business

(error) User numbers are limited

System Availability

All teams need uninterrupted and problem-free access to their applications, even during updates.

Data Center

(tick) Guaranteed constant and malfunction-free access to Jira applications

(tick) System availability during updates is high thanks to load distribution over multiple servers


(tick) Various levels of expansion in the cloud guarantees system availability up to 99.9%

(tick) Updates are installed automatically so there's no system downtime

Reliability & Stability

Disaster Recovery

Complete system failures won't lead to a loss in productivity in the application or result in high costs for your company.

Data Center

(tick)  In case of a server failure, system access is guaranteed due to the employment of geographically split data centers.

(tick) Integrating a disaster recovery option to quickly restore system availability in the event of a disaster is easy.


(tick)  Atlassian has secure recovery procedures in place that are tested regularly.

(tick) A backup is created every 24 hours. Atlassian keeps these backups for 7 days. They are stored in a location separate from the data center.  

Compliance & Security

As organizations grow, systems must meet complex security and compliance requirements. 

Data Center

(tick) Secure authentication protocols and advanced auditing

(tick) Additional security through personal authentication with the integration of SAML 2.0

(tick) Full admin and database access


(tick) With Atlassian Access, SAML Single Sign-On and Active Directory can be connected.

(tick) Atlassian cloud products are certified to many standards, such as ISO 27001/27018, SOC2, PCI DSS v3.2. Cloud is also DSGVO compliant (through the agreement of the AVV).

(error) Restricted admin access, no direct access to the database structure possible


A high degree of flexibility and control should be given when selecting the infrastructure.

Data Center

(tick) Flexible deployment options – whether on-premise or in the cloud (AWS and Azure).

(error) Higher costs for the building and operation of a complex infrastructure.


(error) Choice of cloud provider isn't flexible (AWS).

(tick) Lower operation and maintenance costs due to Atlassian hosting.

Maintenance and Operation

System operating, maintenance and service costs should be considered.

Data Center

(error) The operating costs increase as more infrastructure components are required.

(error) The administration and operation of the system architecture is more complex.

(tick) Operation outsourcing is possible.


(tick) Less effort on your end is needed as Atlassian handles the operational side.

(tick) Cloud deployment is simple and straightforward.

(tick) New functions are available immediately.  Personnel aren't needed for the updates.

Strategy & Benefits


Different products for the different deployment options should be available to you.

Data Center

(tick) Jira (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, Portfolio für Jira)

(tick) Confluence Server

(tick) Bitbucket Server

(tick) Bamboo

(tick) Fisheye

(tick) Crucible

(tick) Crowd


(tick) Jira (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, Portfolio für Jira)

(tick)  Confluence Cloud

(tick)  Bitbucket Cloud

(tick)  Trello

(tick)  OpsGenie

(tick)  Atlassian Access

Extension capabilities

Your systems should be customizable through extensions available through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Data Center

(error) Currently not all developers offer their apps for Data Center.

(tick) Many manufacturers are already working on a data center version of their apps (there are currently over 3,000 apps).

(tick) Robust server APIs allow you to develop applications, customizations and integrations for Atlassian's server products.


(error) Currently not all developers offer their apps for cloud.

(tick) Many manufacturers are already working on a cloud version of their apps. Atlassian is also investing heavily to make more apps available for the cloud (there are currently around 1,000 Marketplace apps).

(tick) The Atlassian Connect Framework allows you to develop applications, customizations and integrations for Atlassian's cloud products.

Mobile Apps

Information should also be accessible via a mobile app when you are on the road, so that you are always up to date.

Data Center

(tick) Mobile apps are available for Confluence server versions 6.8+ and Jira server versions 8.3+.

(error) Applications usually have to be accessed via a VPN.


(tick) Free mobile apps are available for Confluence and Jira.

(tick) A VPN isn't necessary.

Licence Costs

The costs for the acquisition and extension of licenses should be appropriate and projectable.

Data Center

(tick) Individually customized scaling options through appropriate user scales.

(tick) Data Center is available via subscription (stable user fees).

(error) Commitment to a fixed user tier


(tick) Yearly subscription (stable user fees)

(tick) Alternatively: monthly subscription via direct purchase

(tick) Flexible licensing of individual users without being bound to a fixed user tier.

Atlassian Data Center or Atlassian Cloud -
Which solution is the right one for you?

When trying to decide between data center or cloud as your solution, you will need to consider a few things - from the number of users, the required system performance and availability, to the time and effort needed for its administration.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we will be happy to help you objectively assess your needs and advise you on the evaluation of an optimal licensing model for you.

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