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The different price models, features and the difference between the annual and monthly payment models


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Annual cloud billing guarantees you planning security and two full months free of charge. 

Request for quotation simple and fast - problem free and easily possible without configuring a test instance.  

Planning security - budget that can e planned according to your wishes over 12 or 24 months. 

Secure free months - pay for 10 months, use for 12 months.

Orientation to the user scale - worthwhile if you fill up a user scale completely or almost. 

The monthly subscription model for cloud products gives you maximum flexibility for licensing your applications. You can purchase licenses for individual users and are not bound to fixed user scales. 

 License models to suit your requirements - no fixed user tiers, which means single licenses are also available

 Cancellation possible on a monthly basis - Change or cancel your subscription monthly

 Maximum Flexibility -Simply expand your systems every month at the touch of a button

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Price models


Test the Atlassian Cloud apps for free

The free cloud rates are particularly suitable for smaller teams that need an introduction to the platform. Atlassian offers you the opportunity to get to know the cloud products for free. The free rate is available for up to ten users or three agents.

 2 GB storage

 Community Support

 No audit logs

 No authorization restrictions

 No anonymous access


Full product functionality for teams

The standard rate offers more product functionality for your teams. Additionally, Atlassian Cloud's standard rate allows for a user tier for up to 10,000 users and more storage space than the free version.

 250 GB storage

 Standard Support (from 09:00 until 17:00)

 Audit Logs


Higher availability and unlimited storage space

With more functions and new features at the product level, the Premium Plan offers more services for your teams than the Standard Plan.

 Unlimited storage

 Financially secured SLA for 99% availability

 Premium Support available around the clock

 Release planning for upcoming updates


 Enterprise on the cloud 

No compromises and the full feature set in the Atlassian Cloud! 

 Unlimited cloud instances

 Financially backed SLA for 99.95% uptime

Data residency

Atlassian Access included

Enterprise Support (dedicated Team, available 24/7) 

Enterprise Sandbox (a Sandbox is an isolated environment for testing and experimentation before making changes in production.)

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