Scaled Agile Framework

The Scrum framework for teams works well for small and medium-sized software projects. But in large software projects, where multiple and often large teams work on the same project or where multiple projects are developed in parallel, the traditional project management methods fall over and result in project that run over time and over budget. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), as developed by Dean Leffingwell, is a way to scale agile from the team-based Scrum method, to the entire company. SAFe lets you scale the tried and tested team agile and lean principles to the full enterprise. 

Why agile and SAFe with JIRA and Confluence

It can be challenging to move a team from the traditional project management processes to an agile method like Scrum. But this process is helped enormously by a well-designed and configured task management system and the automatic workflows and reporting capabilities to support it. Jira is one of the leading systems for software and product development in the world. 

While Jira works well for small projects, it's lacking the features you need to get the bird's eye overview when you want to implement SAFe at an enterprise level. It is, however, a highly scalable software platform at its core, which we have extended with powerful elements to support the processes and structures in the SAFe framework transparently, traceably and centrally in digital form.

Confluence is commonly used as a corporate intranet. But, it is also perfect as a knowledge base or central (versioned) storage of your project documentation. 

When you glue these processes and systems together with Agile Hive, you have a powerful solution that will help you consistently manage and develop your projects, and keep your teams productive, even when they are large and distributed.

Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian Tools

We have partnered with Germany’s leading SAFe experts, KEGON AG, to develop a solution on top of Jira that can be configured to meet your SAFe requirements. 

Small and large SAFe implementations

Agile Hive scales with you: If you have a few teams working on the same program, you may find that the Essential SAFe configuration is good enough. This covers both the Team and the Program level, which together form an Agile Release Train (ART) and a continuous delivery pipeline.

But what if you have multiple ARTs? You'll need to scale up one or two more levels: The Large Solution level lets you coordinate multiple Agile Release Trains.

The final level, Full SAFe, is the most comprehensive, for when you need to support the development of many large and integrated solutions that require hundreds of people to develop and maintain.

Agile Hive and Jira can be with you from the leanest essential SAFe configuration all the way through to the Full SAFe configuration.

Automated SAFe Reporting

Fully automated reports for all SAFe levels

All needed SAFe® metrics in one place

Switch through PIs easily & view historical data

Works out of the box without any further configuration

Preconfigured SAFe® Templates

Create new Agile Hive SAFe projects with boards in seconds

Works out of the box without any further configuration

If needed adjust the configuration to your needs

Visual Dependencies

Drag and drop new dependencies

Identify critical (red) & risky (yellow) dependencies quickly

Break down a Feature into Stories easily

Bulletproof SAFe® Hierarchies

Create your favored SAFe® configuration or a custom one

Assign Jira projects to layers & define relations

Gain control of your issues with hierarchical linking

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