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Synchronization of Users and Groups

Synchronize users and group memberships during app updates or reactivation

While an app is deactivated, group memberships may change or users may be deleted. These changes are synchronized whenever the app is updated or when it is reactivated. This may take a long time if you have a large number of of extranet spaces and groups.

If you can ensure users and their extranet-related group memberships are not changed while the app is deactivated you can speed up activation by unchecking this option. You can also synchronize manually, as explained below.

Manual Synchronization (Users and Groups)

To ensure all users and groups are up-to-date in your extranet, you can synchronize them manually. Inconstencies or visibility problems may be fixed by manually synchronizing the users and groups. This will also fix improper permissions changes made by (space) administrators that wrongly impacted the extranet privacy settings.

Please note that while on of these tasks is running you can not configure your extranet spaces (e.g. add new extranet users). Privacy and visibility checks still work as expected.

Fix Permissions

Fix global extranet access

The content permissions for individual users are managed by pre-defined extranet groups (e.g. extranet-SPACEKEY-user-consumer). If these groups are deleted or changed, you can run this tool to fix the extranet groups.

Fix access to extranet spaces

All users assigned to an extranet space are added to the group "extranet users". When somebody has changed the "extranet-users" group memberships manually, you can run this tool to fix the group memberships.

Fix group permissions

If you assign existing groups to an extranet space, the app sets content permissions for that space. When somebody has changed these permissions manually, you can run this tool to fix the permissions.

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