Managed VirtServer

Managed VirtServer is a virtual server, where you can host your data professianally with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. This kind of hosting combines all relevant foundational requirements for a smooth hosting of your instances:

  • Managed by professional and experienced system administrators
  • quick and guaranteed reaction and solution time in case of emergency (<4h)
  • individual adaptation in the system to secure optimal support of your web applications
  • securing of the system as “hosted solution” for your internal applications via effective firewall, IP locks and site-to-site VPN
  • if desired, client server authentification on the web server

You will have your own virtual server, that is protected and secure. All data on the server system are encrypted daily via a dedicated network connection to our backup systems.

Managed VirtServer is marked by maximum reliability, performance, security and flexibility. Modern infrastructure and virtualization technologies guarantee the use of critical enterprise applications. This hosting package is the most commonly used hosting by enterprises for Atlassian products such as Confluence or JIRA.

OnDemand Hosting via SWIFT

SWIFT is a SaaS solution (software as a service) which allows you to not have to install and run Confluence and JIRA in your own infrastructure. It is similar to Atlassian Cloud, however, it is less restrictive.

Other than the Atlassian service, SWIFT gives you a complete installation of the application with administrator rights, so that you can install all plugins from the Atlassian marketplace as well as own plugins and themes. In addition, no updates are required, if you choose to stick with a specific version. You can find more information on Atlassian Cloud here.

Your instance will run in a server center in Hannover, Germany. Each instance is isolated from the instances of other customers by para virtualization.

Please note: No individual support by //SEIBERT/MEDIA is offered as part of SWIFT. There is also no guarantee of availability, security, speed and freedom of error of the server or the application. There are, however, technical prerequisites in place to guarantee a high availability, security and speed. It is a less individual and thus considerably more affordable alternative to our hosting service Managed VirtServer (see above), which we recommend to all business customers, for whom Confluence/JIRA are a critical system reflect important business processes.

In case of questions or problems with the application, the free Atlassian support is available to you with your valid Confluence or JIRA license.

Find more information on prices and user tiers in our site on licenses at Atlassian licenses - prices and costs, learn more information on SWIFT here. You may also click one of the buttons belwo to generate your SWIFT test instance directly.

This content was last updated on 04/11/2018.

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