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Tips & Tricks for better Confluence pages with Aura

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3 benefits of high engaging Confluence pages:

Spread your idea

If ideas are well presented, there is a greater likelihood that they succeed in the company.

Win over the reader

When the content of a page is good designed, it is much easier for the reader to consume it.

Better communication

Internal communication within the company becomes easier when content is structured better.

Tips & tricks for beautiful and well-structured pages in Confluence

Clear and easy to understand message

You want to make your message clear and simple to understand. The reader should see immediately what the page is about and what is to expect when going through the content. To achieve this, you should use a large and well-structured header, as you know it from many landing pages. With this form of visualization, we can present our key message in a clear and easy-to-understand way.
With the Aura Compositions Macro you can easily add header templates to your Confluence page.


Visually show the benefits

One of the most important things is to communicate the benefits of your project or idea in a way that is easy to understand. One way to communicate the benefits of a product or service are listings. But tiles or icons also stand out well and are beneficial for landing page design. In this example on the left, the benefits are displayed with the Aura Card Marco.


Structure the information on your page

The information you want to display on your page should be structured in a way that different areas can be easily distinguished and important information can be highlighted. This helps to process the content on the page more easily and to simply guide the reader through the page. Your goal should always be to make things as easy as possible for the user. For example you can group your content in Aura Tabs or divide sections of your page using the Aura Divider macro.


Call to action

A central element on your page is the conversion element or the call-to-action, also called CTA. A good page should always have a clear goal. You want your readers to perform a certain action or interact with the content. You should always think about what you want to achieve with your page. With the Aura Button Macro you can easily place call-to-actions on your Confluence page.


Valiantys - Nathan Chantrenne (CTO)

"Aura is probably the simplest to use and most efficient app on Confluence to create really nice-looking spaces & pages. It will allow even non-technical users to create really nice layouts. I definitely recommend."

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