Writing a book on any topic is difficult. You have your own goals. But what does the reader want? This page will try to explore the needs of readers for a book on SAFe. If you have a specific expectation, please share it with me through the form on this page.

Existing Content 

Planned chapters in this book

  • What is agile?
  • What is the difference between agile and scaling agile? What is business agility?
  • What is SAFe? Overview of the Scaled Agile Framework, the official website and pillar content to read
  • The role of conscious capitalism and its relation to SAFe
  • Why is SAFe so popular? What about the alternatives like LESS, DaD, and Spotify?
  • Is this something that I should consider for my organization?
  • How do you approach a SAFe implementation as a company? Who should be on such a team?
  • Which software is available? 
  • What do we do daily to make business agility happen?
  • Show me real-life examples of how to do it so that I can decide if this is something that could be worth a try for us.
    • How do we work on SAFe artifacts like a big room planning / PI planning remotely?
  • From the trenches: How we run on agile at Seibert Media and how we see others do it
    • Culture of trust
    • Open books
    • Salary transparency
    • Decisions in the periphery
    • Participatory strategic planning
    • Experiments, damage, and guilt
    • Servant leadership
  • Give me checklists of known areas that I can use to probe our situation against common sense in the agile community.
    • Is what we have worth scaling?
  • Help me to do the first steps and find guidance with a SAFe consultant or a scaling agile coach. Explain why such SAFe support can be useful for us.
  • Ways of connecting to other SAFe fellows and practitioners from the ecosystem
    • Interviews with SAFe practitioners and their company journeys with SAFe
  • Show me things that we can do to prepare to scale agile on our own.
  • What are the tools that I can use to implement SAFe in my company?
    • What is Agile Hive and how does it work?
    • What is Jira and how does it work? Why do I need Agile Hive on top?
  • What resources can I use to understand SAFe?

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About the book

This is a work in progress book project. All research and preparations are public. Learn more.

About the author

Martin Seibert

Martin Seibert is the CEO of Seibert Media in Germany. He has written German books on Enterprise Wikis (2011) and Intranets (2020). This is going to be his third book.

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