On this website we'll work on our new business book. It's about scaling agile with the scaled agile Framework for lean enterprises SAFe. It's about a digital transformation in big companies that actually works and allows the business to flourish while increasing transparency and the benefits for employees. We have seen quite a few customers who have tried scaling from one or a few super successful scrum team to the whole organization and failed. Some did multiple times. Some employees are even tired of the endless approaches of the organization to automate and digitize processes to no or little results. This book will shed light on the theory behind SAFe and successful scaling to help you understand the challenges, that need your extra attention during a scaling project. But it also contains practical ideas that anyone should be able to adopt quickly no matter how far the company is in their agility at this point.

When we work with big organizations we have seen quite a few who mastered scaling their agility and almost left troublesome organizational patterns from the past. I am writing 'almost' because we consider this agility thing to be a continuous endeavour. You'll never be really happy no matter in which state your company is in. And that's why we believe that this book can be valuable to a lot of organizations. No matter if you're at the very beginning, knowing little about Agile and SAFe or if you've got certifications and experiences in the field. This book should have some theoretical insights and a bunch of practical ideas.

Like a lot of organizations we've experimented a lot ourselves as well and this book will include or own journey just as well as the stories from our customers. If you are a customer, a SAFe practitioner, a consultant or just interested in this book project please contact us and help us to get more insight and viewpoints. Use the form on this page and we'll both reach out to learn from you and keep you in the loop of what happens with this project.

How this book will be created

There are a couple of new approaches with this book, that are different from my last book project, that resulted in a German intranet book.

  • All research and preparations are publicly available.
    I will do all my research, notes, musings and coordination online and publicly. I am hoping that I'll get in contact with interested people earlier this way and have more meaningful interactions along the way that will help me create a better book in the end. I also think, that our findability on relevant search terms on Google will improve by this move.
  • I will write in English.
    It has been an idea for a longer time. But now I am switching my writing to English first. It is a fact, that my German is better than my English. But I guess that my English is good enough for a decent business book. And all of our processes and resources internally can work better this way than the other way around. We do have a lot of staff who can translate English content into German. The staff that can translate German content into English is so overwhelmed with work, that we'll use an external translation service for the intranet book to become English.
  • Website first: The business book may be a second step this time. 
    With the intranet book I wrote the whole book in Google Docs and copied the content to sub-pages of our German landing page. Technically this is now a Google Doc living on a website. I think, that the web and a book are fundamentally different. A book is for reading. Pictures often disturb the reading as they are small, you need to zoom in and especially on a Kindle, that I use regularly this is not a cool experience. The web however can have loads of pictures, colors, links, videos and other rich media elements. So this process will be a website first approach. Once I get the feeling, that the content online is good, I will set out to write the chapters for the book. Hopefully this will then be a fast and concise process with a lot of references to the rich media pages we have built beforehand.

Pages in this area and content for this book

If you have ideas what should be part of this book, please use the form on this page to tell me.

I would love to stay in touch. Please contact me.

About the book

This is a work in progress book project. All research and preparations are public. Learn more.

About the author

Martin Seibert

Martin Seibert is the CEO of Seibert Media in Germany. He has written German books on Enterprise Wikis (2011) and Intranets (2020). This is going to be his third book.

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