Updating from Agile Hive 2 to a current version of Agile Hive requires you to take intermediate steps:

1. Update to Agile Hive 3.6.0

2. Update to Agile Hive 3.23.0

Please execute the EAP migration (Jira Administration → Manage Apps → Agile Hive → Easy Agile Programs Migration) now, because in later versions of Agile Hive, this feature has been disabled by default. From version 3.54.0 it has been removed entirely from the app.

3. Update to Agile Hive 3.45.0

In the next version (3.46.0) we removed some old and slower upgrade tasks, so to ensure, everything is updated correctly, please use version 3.45.0 as intermediate step.

4. Update to the latest version

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