How to enable Milestones


Since version 3.39 of Agile Hive, it is possible to display milestones as markers in the Agile Hive Program Roadmap. This guide is for customers that have used previous versions of Agile Hive and therefore have to manually enable the Milestone feature.

If you are new customer and installed Agile Hive 3.39 or higher in your Jira instance for the first time, you can skip this whole guide, because milestones are pre-enabled for you.

An Agile Hive milestone is nothing else than a new issuetype named 'Milestone', which is automatically available after updating Agile Hive to version 3.39 or higher.

The new custom field 'Milestone Date' is used so that milestones are displayed on the program roadmap.

This field along with other standard fields are already on the following screen scheme: 'Agile Hive - Milestone - Screen Scheme'.

Your task is now to add this screen scheme to your existing issue type screen scheme.

Step 1 - Add Milestone to your Issue Type Scheme

Go to Jira Administration → Issues → Issue type schemes

Search for the 'Agile Hive - Program - Issue Type Scheme' and click on 'Edit'.

Drag and Drop the issue type Milestone from the available Issue Types to the current scheme to the left.

Click on 'Save'.

Step 2 - Edit the Issue Type Screen Scheme

Go to Jira Administration → Issues → Issue type screen scheme

Search for the 'Agile Hive - Program - Issue Type Screen Scheme' and click on 'Configure'.

Click on the button "Associate an issue type with a screen scheme" in the top right corner, to add a configuration for the milestone issue type.

Be sure to select "Milestone" as issue type and "Agile Hive - Milestone - Screen Scheme" as screen scheme and click on the "Add" button.

Done. You can now create a milestone issue on program level, and set the "Milestone Date". The created milestone then appears on the Agile Hive Roadmap.

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