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How to add a new Team Project

1. Create a new team project

  1. Go to 'Projects → Create Project' and select either the 'SAFe Scrum-Team Project' or the 'SAFe Kanban-Team Project' template.
  2. Enter a project name (optionally adjust the project key and the project lead).

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2. Insert the team project into the Project Hierarchy

  1. Go to 'Administration → Manage Apps → Project Hierarchies'.
  2. Click on the ART that the new team will belong to.
  3. In the sidebar select the new team project from the dropdown 'Add child project'.

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3. Recreate Missing Sprints

  1. Go to 'Projects' and select the new team project. Now navigate to 'Project settings → Agile Hive'.
  2. Click on 'Recreate missing sprints'. This will create all missing sprints for this new team (for iterations whose end dates are in the past, no new sprints will be created).
  3. The team is ready to go and able to plan issues and make use of all the functionalities of Agile Hive.

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4. Manage Sprints & Browse Projects Permissions

To ensure that users like RTEs are able to create PIs for their ART, they need the "Manage Sprints" and "Browse Projects" permissions in all child projects of the respective ART.

  1. Go to 'Projects' and select the new team project. Now navigate to 'Permissions'.
  2. Check how this permission is handled in this project and take the necessary steps.

In our example 'Any logged in user' has this permission thus no further steps are necessary. The same would apply to stored groups.

If roles are used, then appropriate groups and / or users must be assigned to these roles in the respective project.

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This page was last edited on 10/24/2023.