Fix for WSJF Custom Field Searcher

Step 1 - Edit WSJF Fields

If the migration for Agile Hive version 3.38 fails, your Custom field searcher for the six WSJF fields is probably not set. This guide will help you to fix this issue and re-enable Agile Hive.

Note: For these steps, Jira Admin rights are not sufficient. Instead, the changes would need to be made by a Jira System Administrator.

1. Go to Jira AdministrationIssuesCustom fields.

2. Edit each of the six Agile Hive WSJF fields and select 'Exact Number Searcher' in the Search Template:

    • Time Criticality
    • User-business Value
    • RROE
    • Job Size
    • Cost of Delay
    • WSJF

3. Do not forget to click the 'Update' button after each edit.

Step 2 - Reindex Jira

Please reindex your Jira:

  1. Go to Jira AdministrationSystemIndexing.
  2. Choose the option that suit your needs and click on the 'Re-index' button.

Step 3 - Disable & Re-enable Agile Hive

Please disable and then re-enable the 'Agile Hive' app (not Agile Hive Suite). 

  1. Go to Jira AdministrationManage AppsManage Apps.
  2. Click on the Agile Hive entry (not Agile Hive Suite) and Disable the app. After this is done, please enable the app again.

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This page was last edited on 02/27/2024.